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Crisis situation - how to react?

There are crises in companies and there is no point in arguing about this fact. As many as 70% of crises that take place in enterprises reach the media and the Internet. It does not matter whether the enterprise is small or large - you must respond to a crisis situation appropriately. The PR department is largely responsible for the messages, which in the context of the situation, are to a large extent. But what to do and what messages to send to your recipients? Can a crisis be dealt with effectively and quickly?

Crisis situation assessment - the basis of action

The first and most important step in dealing with a crisis is a thorough and thorough assessment of the situation. We need to find the cause of the crisis and then assess its potential consequences. Depending on the result of such an assessment, we have to adjust the appropriate activities in the Network and media. Nevertheless, collecting accurate information on the whole situation and assessing the facts is the basis for dealing with a crisis. However, this is only the beginning of the road to overcome the crisis.

Crisis management - what to do?

When we have all the information we have and we know which information is true and which was made on the basis of guesswork, we must present a meticulous report to our supervisor. What is crucial in such a situation is a real assessment of the consequences of such a crisis. We must therefore carefully inform our superiors of what the consequences may be if we do not react appropriately. On the basis of this information and the potential effects of the crisis, we should develop a strategy for network and media activities with our superiors.

Distribute tasks wisely and responsibly

It is said that if someone is a specialist in everything, they are really a specialist in nothing. It is known that a PR person is not able to control every area in which a crisis has arisen. For this reason, it is very important to be clear about our role. We have to inform our superiors what exactly we will be responsible for, how we will distribute the remaining tasks in the PR department and what the company's communication will be based on. In this case, it is very important that the decision-making path is as short as possible. The media spreads information incredibly fast, which is why it is very important to act not only efficiently but also quickly.

Control and supervise the activities of the PR team

The strategy of action itself and the determination of the shortest decision-making path are not all that we should pay attention to when we are developing measures to deal with the crisis in the media and the Web. A very important aspect is also supervising the PR team and controlling activities that have already been implemented. In this concept, there is not only assigning appropriate tasks, but also, for example, replying to comments under posts, or publishing posts that are aimed at eliminating the situation as soon as possible. The truth is that when it comes to crises that penetrate the media and the Web, you need to act quickly but also prudently.

Communication, communication and again - communication

Regardless of what caused the crisis, proper communication is paramount. In the case of crisis management in the Web and media, communication plays a very important role. It is not only about publishing relevant content that is supposed to alleviate the situation that has arisen. It is also important how these messages are presented and whether they are consistent with the company's image. It is also very important to whom we address a given message in the first place. In other words, what and how we say on the web is of colossal importance when it comes to effectively fighting the crisis in the media and on the Internet.

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