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Native advertising

Native advertising – subtle effectiveness

native advertising


Native advertising is a form of promotion that is harmoniously adapted to the content context in which it appears. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, native advertising tries to fit into the natural character of a given medium, which makes it less invasive for the user. It can take various forms, such as sponsored articles, posts on social networking sites or graphic elements in an appropriate context. The main goal of native advertising is to attract the recipient's attention by subtly blending in with the surroundings, which in turn promotes better absorption of the advertising message.

Native advertising – interesting facts you need to know!

The first native advertising was created as a guide presented in pictorial form, which discussed the flavor combinations of various products, including a specific brand. Its author was David Ogilvy, a man involved in many professions, but most associated with marketing and PR. It is worth mentioning that this advertisement was created at a time when the only form of communication was printed content.

The thing about native advertising is that many people do not even realize that they are advertising a product. The message of native advertising is harmoniously woven into the text, image or advertising video.

Native advertising – the most important information

Native advertising can take many forms. Nowadays, we very often deal with native advertising in social media, where it is naturally woven into the presented content on a specific user's channel. However, in accordance with the currently applicable law, this content should be marked appropriately. Another form of native advertising is in-feed, i.e. inserting advertising into the content website. Native advertising can also be an integral part of an online store and take the form of product lists promoted there. We also have ads that appear in search engines - they are at the very top of the search.

What are the benefits of native advertising? The biggest benefit of publishing native ads is an increase in the CTR, or click-through rate, measured as a percentage of the ratio between the sum of clicks and the number of views of a given ad. Another benefit is increased reach and reaching a larger number of recipients with information about the brand and its products. Native advertising is also a benefit for the user himself, who, although he sees it on his device, does not feel like he is being "attacked". Its message is friendly, so it does not irritate, irritate or cause aggression, as is sometimes the case with other commercial advertisements.

Native advertising is a perfect combination of the content and advertising of a given product, which can appear in the foreground or in the background and still be noticed. This type of advertising makes consumers feel neither pressure nor pressure. This is a very good tactic because it creates positive impressions and associations with the brand in consumers, which may result in a decision to purchase its products in the future.

In order to prepare native advertising well, first of all, you need to properly select the group of recipients to whom the message will be directed. The advertising campaign should also be adapted to be displayed on any device, especially on mobile devices, which are currently used by almost every Internet user. Native advertising should also harmonize with the content on the website. Only then will we achieve a natural and subtle effect.


Native advertising is currently gaining particular importance, especially in the context of the growing aversion of many recipients to traditional, commercial advertising. Unlike traditional ones forms of promotion, native advertising focuses on subtlety and almost imperceptibly "blends" into the surroundings. Thanks to this, it conveys information about the brand and its products in a delicate and non-invasive way, reaching a wider group of recipients. It is also characterized by a high level of involvement, which helps build brand awareness among potential customers and contributes to its increased popularity. It is therefore not surprising that native advertising is gaining popularity in various industries, effectively acquiring new groups of recipients.

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