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After-sales service audit - why is it important?

According to a study by SDL Global CX Wakeup Call Report, there is a 73% chance that a satisfied customer will recommend a given company to other people. The same study showed that nearly 46% customers who are satisfied with the service will trust other products of the brand. However, customer service does not end with selling a given product or service. Customer care is also very important after the end of the sales process. After all, the first transaction does not have to, or should not, be the last.

Are you doing it right?

Unfortunately, communication with the customer at the post-sale stage is not correct in every company. An after-sales service audit is therefore important for two reasons: first, it shows potential mistakes made by the company in the after-sales phase. The second factor that makes after-sales service and its audit important is that they give you the chance to keep your customer longer. And that's what it's all about.

Acquiring a new customer is more expensive than keeping the current one

Marketing activities are the key to the success of any company - there is nothing to argue with this fact. The problem is that in order to acquire a new customer, we have to spend a larger amount on it than on retaining a customer who has already decided to trust us once. Do you want to manage your company's finances well and allocate your budget where it will be profitable? It's perfect. At Commplace, we know how to help you with this. Communication with the customer at the post-sales stage usually plays a larger role in the operation of the company than activities aimed at acquiring a new customer. We know how it should run and we will show you how to implement it in your company.

What does an after-sales service audit look like?

The after-sales service audit must be performed comprehensively and accurately. We take into account all the elements that affect customer service: newsletters, promotional campaigns, press releases. It is important that the communication is directed to the needs of the client, not the needs of the company. One of the most common mistakes made by companies at the stage of after-sales service is to focus communication with the customer to the needs of the company, not the customer. This, too, is one of the most common reasons we lose customers. With our help, you will learn how to avoid such a situation and take care of the client in such a way that he will stay with you for longer.

After-sales service - the key to the success of any business

Regularity. This is what is crucial for after-sales service and its audit. It is important to constantly monitor communication with the customer in the after-sales phase. Such action will certainly allow you to avoid mistakes, which may result in the company losing a client.

Do you want to learn how to avoid this situation?
Contact us. We will certainly find the right solutions for your company.

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