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Employer branding agency Warsaw

Employer branding agency Warsaw its task is to increase the company's image in the eyes of the recipients. A consistent and attractive identity is half the success of any company. In order to achieve the assumptions, it is necessary that the employer branding agency - Warsaw or any other - takes care of reliable analyzes and also implements image-related activities.

How do we do it at Commplace? We conduct analyzes of the organization's goals, values, and what it wants to look like in the future. We are responsible for getting to know the internal and external perspectives. In practice, this means that our activities are aimed at both employees of the company, associates of the company, as well as potential employees.

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Company reputation

become a better employer


attract only talents

Employer brand

build it with us!
Employer branding agency Warsaw

Find a partner tailored to your needs!

The Employer Branding Agency in Warsaw is designed to build the brand image in the eyes of candidates as an employer of choice. In the currently crowded market, it is necessary to hire a specialized entity that will build this image. Bet on the experience of experts!

Employer branding Warsaw

Employer branding can be divided into internal and external. Internal activities are aimed at the company's employees. They mainly focus on creating an employee-friendly environment. On the other hand, external employer branding is aimed mainly at potential employees. The aim of these activities is to create an appropriate image of the company as an attractive employer.

Don't lose employees

Employed employees are the ambassadors of your company. Their opinions are the most reliable source of information. Both for candidates for work in your company, clients or contractors. Do you prefer looking for new employees or investing in those you already have? We will help you become an employer that employees do not want to leave!

Build a strong brand

You don't know what your audience sees, reads or hears about working in your company? If you have a disturbing feeling about how your company is perceived externally, it's time to do an employer branding audit. Ask us how we can conduct it in your company and take care of internal PR. The employer's brand is one of our specializations.

Build a strong brand

Employer branding agency Warsaw

The Employer Branding Agency in Warsaw is tasked with building the image of the brand. In addition, it positions the brand in terms of communication, creating original creations that make the brand stand out on the market. This makes potential employees want to work for her!

Therefore, starting from recruitment, through the implementation of the employee, it is necessary to ensure that the employee perceives the company as an attractive employer. We know how to achieve it!

The company is made up of people

It is your employees who acquire new customers, increase the level of sales, and ensure the timely performance of contracts. It is their involvement that translates into measurable effects. However, studies have shown that only 13% employees worldwide engage in their work and derive satisfaction from it.

Employer branding agency Warsaw? At Commplace, we know what to do to make employees in your organization find themselves in the remaining 87%. The employer's brand and internal PR play an important role here.

Bet on team building

As much as 85 percent. the trips are aimed at team building. The others are motivational or some kind of reward. With these data in mind, we have prepared over 100 scenarios for companies.

Employer branding agency Warsaw? We operate throughout the country. We use the most effective tools in the area of employer branding. All this so that your company attracts the best. Because you care about it!

Every company and organization has a certain image in the environment in which it operates. Remember that lack of image is also image! Don't leave such an important point to chance.

Employer branding agency Warsaw

Effective employer branding is a strategy that gives you benefits and helps you gain an advantage in the market. Lack of an employer branding strategy does not pay off.

Agency employer branding Warsaw

Employee involvement in the development of the company

Employer branding strategy - building the company's image

Employer brand - corporate image and internal PR audit

Employer branding agency Warsaw

Employer branding in practice can and should result from the company's overall operating strategy. At Commplace, we strive to create a positive image of the company - consistent and coherent at each level.

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Employer branding agency Warsaw

We build strong employer brands.
Our strength is: experience, looking for effective solutions and listening to customer needs!

We offer an audit of the company's image as an employer brand, preparation and implementation of an employer branding strategy, workshops with managers in the field of building interpreter relations and much more!

Employer branding agency Warsaw

Employer branding agency Warsaw Poznań, Gdańsk - EB is our specialty. In our offer you will find, among others an audit that determines the identification of employees with the company or the development of procedures and an internal communication and CSR program. Trust an agency with experience.

We have been operating on the Polish market for over 25 years, providing clients with modern PR and employer branding solutions. The best proof of the effectiveness of our activities are the opinions of satisfied customers. You can also be among them!

Employer branding agency Warsaw

PR agency Warsaw

The labor market in Warsaw

The average monthly employment in Warsaw is constantly at a high level. This is favored by the good economic situation and the ability to run businesses. The capital is known, among others from employment in information and communication.

Giants and micro-entrepreneurs

Most of the entities in Warsaw are the so-called micro-entrepreneurs, i.e. companies that employ up to 9 people. You can also find real giants here, such as LOT or the University of Warsaw - in such places, several thousand people are employed.

PR agency Warsaw

Unemployment in Warsaw

The registered unemployment rate in Warsaw is one of the lowest in Poland. In May 2022, it was just 1.8%. The further away from the Warsaw agglomeration (with some exceptions), the higher the unemployment.

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Events for companies

Own Event Center

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Building the image of an employer as one who provides excellent conditions for his employees is not a task for days, weeks or even months. In times of major turmoil on the labor market, it is not easy to find stability in terms of employment. So being able to find the right candidates for specific positions is worth the effort and it certainly pays off. It's definitely easier with us!

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See in which areas we provide support!

Employer branding agency Warsaw - what is behind it? We deal with the comprehensive preparation and development of the EB strategy. We have our own training and conference center with accommodation in the vicinity of Karpacz. All this means that we deal with, for example, the organization of team building events on our own and comprehensively.

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Enjoy slow food!

In our kitchen, we have a wide range of dishes to choose from. These are natural dishes, cooked by the best chefs. The wide offer allows us to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers. The menu also includes suggestions for vegans and vegetarians, and people with food intolerances.

Get to know us from the kitchen

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

Which employer branding agency in Warsaw can boast of its own event center? Situated in the heart of the majestic mountains, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy has witnessed many unforgettable events. Stylish rooms in a boutique style. Rose garden with a fountain. Fresh dishes prepared in a traditional way, without artificial additives and improvers. Life tastes different here!

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PR Academy

The PR Commplace Agency is a unique place with its own training center in the Korona Karkonoszy Manor. The PR Academy we have created is a space for the development of your brand. Take advantage of our trainings and workshops. Acquire new knowledge and practical skills. Stay ahead of the competition. Achieve success.

We are a consulting company with its own conference and event center

We have already organized 1100 events. We specialize in organizing tailor-made events. The most popular are team building events, culinary tournaments and the Goldberg Machine. We also offer accommodation in unique apartments, lounges and rooms. Companies have at their disposal an extensive menu of dishes and our brand of craft beer and coffee.

We have rooms with full equipment, allowing you to freely conduct training for smaller or larger groups.
We specialize in activities in the area of team building and scenario events. We invite.

B2B sales support workshops

We are aware that the most important aspect in any business is customer acquisition. Are you interested in B2B sales support? Take advantage of the PR Academy workshops conducted by our public relations experts.

Customer personalization. Generating online leads. Sales audit. These are just some of the topics that we discuss during the B2B sales support workshops. We are also going a step further. We present methods of finalizing the transaction. Ask us about the next available workshop date at the PR Academy.
Who are the workshops for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors of sales departments,
- traders,
- employees supporting the sales department.

Managing a company in crisis

Get ready for crisis management. Don't wait for a crisis to occur. Plan your activities with the PR COMMPLACE agency to stay in control of the situation. Sign up for a proprietary training program under the PR Academy conducted by our agency.

Contrary to appearances, the crisis does not break out only on Fridays after 4pm. It can happen any day. At any time. That is why it is so important to create an action plan. How? Our experts will answer this question during the crisis management training. Take advantage of the extensive experience of Commplace PR specialists. And in the event of an emergency - ask for immediate help.
Who is the program for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors,
- PR department employees.

employer agency branding Warsaw

The purpose of all employer branding activities is to prevent employees from changing their place of employment and to encourage others to work in our company. Leaving employees and staff fluctuation are a problem for virtually all industries. The labor market is currently on the side of the employee and gives people the opportunity to choose and change employers in a short time. You don't have to worry about long periods of unemployment. Also, wages for the same scope of work performed are similar.

So how to make employees perceive our company as more attractive? What are their guidelines when choosing an employer? Thanks to the use of appropriate tools, he can answer these questions employer branding agency - Warsaw is not the only city where companies should bet on EB.

What is Employer Branding?

What does the term mean employer branding? The term comes from the English language and is hidden under it brand building employers. Companies should build their brands so that potential candidates perceive them as attractive workplaces. The ones that enable professional development and give satisfaction. Employer Branding agency Warsaw or everyone else has the task of building brand image in the eyes of candidates as an employer of choice. In the currently crowded market, it is necessary to employ a specialized unit that will take care of building this image.

Employer branding can be divided into internal and external. Internal activities are aimed at the company's employees. They mainly focus on creating an employee-friendly environment. To this end, companies undertake a number of activities, such as creating an appropriate atmosphere and development opportunities. In addition, they invest in human capital, thus organizing a series of competitions and individual training.

On the other hand, external employer branding is aimed mainly at potential employees. The aim of these activities is to create an appropriate image of the company as an attractive employer.

How can I help Employer Branding Warsaw? By recommending and implementing effective solutions in both areas.

Employer branding – an agency that supports the employer's brand

An important goal of employer branding is also to reduce the costs of employee recruitment and training. Each new employee must be implemented and trained. Depending on the industry, the emphasis will be on health and safety, compliance with internal regulations and rules, compliance with regulations and standards, knowledge of basic tools or computer programs and applications. It all requires additional investment.

For example, learning how to use technologically advanced or computer-controlled equipment can take up to several weeks. Such equipment is generally very expensive and you cannot afford to improvise. It may turn out that an employee newly trained on such equipment wants to quit work after a few months. This is an obvious loss for the trader. Thanks to the cooperation with such an entity as Employer branding agency Warsaw the company can avoid or reduce such problems significantly.

Employer branding agency and brand image

A brand image is made up of several factors. Employer branding agency Warsaw helps to diagnose these factors and at the same time make them compatible with each other. Brand image is a complex arrangement of images. It can be said that it arises as a result of associations that refer, for example, to the purchase of a given product. If the customer has positive experience and the purchasing process is carried out quickly, the company and its products will have positive associations.

Another feature is the functional benefits of purchasing the product, as well as experience. Buyers define the brand using many factors that cannot be easily diagnosed. If we wanted to define employer branding in a simple way, it is a combination of HR and marketing.

Return on investment under employer branding

How can such a return be measured? Above all employer branding agency Warsaw implements activities aimed at increasing brand awareness among potential recipients, who are job candidates. As a result of cooperation, the conversion rate, i.e. the interests of candidates, should increase. On the other hand, the effect is a reduced expenditure on recruitment.

Employer branding agency Warsaw deals with external and internal activities as part of building awareness of the employer brand. The employer branding agency starts with an analysis to get to know the working environment. The next step is to present the results of this analysis to the client, and then create an appropriate action strategy.

Employer Branding Warsaw conducts activities aimed at employees already employed in the company. These include numerous messages in various forms, as well as events, including family picnics, integration trips or training. As part of external communication, the agency conducts activities on the Internet, also uses referral marketing or media relations to attract potential employees.

External communication with Employer Branding Warsaw

Employer Branding Warsaw will help you ensure the success of your brand in external communication. He will prepare a strategy for you that will help you stand out from other companies in the country and abroad.

Employer branding is directed primarily to potential employees, but also to contractors. Therefore, all communication activities translate into how your brand is perceived in the eyes of recipients. An important concept when creating external communication is to define the identity of the company.

For this purpose, it is necessary to answer the question of who we are and what we do, what kind of workplace we are and what we can give to our new employee and who are the people we work with. Activities under Employer Branding consist in creating appropriate messages and determining key messages in the course of determining strategic activities. As part of communication, it is important to distinguish the so-called personas, i.e. people who talk to potential employees. These can be company presidents, directors as well as representatives of the HR department. Proposals for specific actions will be presented Employer Branding Agency - Warsaw it does not necessarily have to be its seat.


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