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Building the company's image - PR agency Commplace advises

Actions under the strategy may include:
• Employer brand analysis (internal and external)
• Analysis of competitors' activities
• Onboarding programs
• Employee path analysis
• Brand ambassadors programs
• Analysis of target groups
• Workshops on internal communication
• Planning and implementation of effective PR campaigns
• Support in the organization of internal competitions
• Organization of integration events and trips

The employee is looking for information

When a jobseeker starts researching, his inquiries may look like this: "The best companies to work for in 2020." or "Best Companies in Industry X". It makes sense - the company's reputation is more important than ever today. In fact, 86% employees would not apply for or continue working with a company that has a bad reputation among former employees or the general public. And as you can guess - you spend a lot of time creating a compelling, compelling brand story, but how much time do you spend nurturing a strong employer brand that will attract and retain top talent? Research by SHRM on employer branding has shown that organizational culture is a key variable in attracting and retaining talent. Employees join and stay longer as they identify with the mission, vision and values of the organization. This cultural fit attracts or repels candidates and employees. Building the company's image is therefore a task for you for the near future.

The image of the employer is becoming more and more important

It becomes more and more important to show people how you care for your employees, what your brand represents and how your company implements these values. So the question is: how can companies build trust in their brand among employees and authentically show what it means to work for your company? The simplest answer is a strong employer's brand, which is supported by building the company's image. A tailored employer branding strategy will ensure brand visibility and confirm its credibility. Glassdoor has found that the 77% of job seekers takes into account the company's culture before applying for a job. Therefore, if you want to attract the best employees to your company, it is important to prepare and implement an employer branding strategy. Ask us how we can help you.

Attract as the best

Preparing an employer branding strategy is a key element of any effective talent acquisition strategy. A clearly defined employer brand will help you find suitable candidates for the job, attract them, engage them and hire them. In the world of the "War for Talent", a well-planned strategy can be a huge competitive advantage that distinguishes you from the competition and contributes to building your company's image. The best companies use advanced employer marketing and recruitment marketing tactics to distinguish their employer brand. Join them with Commplace support.

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