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Commplace - PR & digital agency

An effective PR & AI Digital Marketing agency.

How to introduce a brand to the market with the support of AI? How to increase the perceived value of your company? Public relations and AI digital marketing for B2B and B2C. We carry out PR campaigns in the media (in Poland and abroad). We increase the value of sales.

Call: +48 665 379 071


We have been trusted by great companies

Brand communication strategy with AI support

Get new customers. Don't waste your money on ineffective actions. You can win with an effective communication strategy. If you believe that the value of communication should be measured, then you are in the right place. Use the knowledge of experienced consultants to develop your business. Public relations agency Commplace - we are at your disposal.

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Key competences:

Public relations

Take control of your image and build awareness of your brand. See more

Positioning of websites

Positioning of websites - comprehensive SEO for websites and stores

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Google Ads

Google Ads and derivatives - we run effective campaigns

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Communication strategy

Communication strategy on the Internet - development and implementation

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Employer branding strategy - building the company's image

Make employees proud of their company. And vacancies attracted the best.

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Commplace - who we are

A modern PR agency

Do you want to be yours PR agency did it only provide press releases to the media? Then unfortunately you are not in the right place.
Commplace, a PR agency is a public relations agency offering full support in every area of PR, marketing and sales. This is what the market is expecting now. We can be your strategic partner in the changing business market.

We combine traditional PR, marketing and sales solutions with internet technologies. We have built proprietary solutions in the area of Brand Offensive Strategy and Brand Defense Strategy.

Sales support - our strategic goal

We want to support the development of your company.
As a marketing agency, we understand the challenges and problems faced by your business in the 21st century. 25 years of our experience in business and projects for 300 brands build the foundations to create tailor-made solutions.

Business is not interested in promises. Business expects results. We build solutions based on indicators, analyzes and research as well as our experience. Our work is task-oriented.

Ask for a free offer for your company.

Relationship Marketing - How To Increase Your Revenue

Often, 5% increase in retention of existing customers is enough to increase revenues by up to 25% Regular customers buy more often and spend more than new ones. Why?

Customers get to know the value you offer them and they invest loyally in your brand. And what can you invest in to keep them coming back to you? There can only be one answer - in relationship marketing. Take advantage of our solutions that will help you choose an effective strategy.

We implement original ideas and create extraordinary stories.

As a PR and marketing agency, we support our clients in the field of public relations, e-pr, brand activation, saving "fading stars" and content creation. We know what steps to take in a crisis – crisis management it is an inseparable element of communication.

Our team of graphic designers, video makers, digital marketing experts, market analysts and strategists deliver effective, integrated communication campaigns. In fact, what we do is combine all of these elements into a strong and conceptual foundation whose main purpose is to achieve your company's business goals.

How we work

First steps

The goals of our activities

Communication tools

Marketing strategy

Commplace Agencja PR - comprehensive solutions for your company.

By cooperating, we become part of your team. Your company's goals are our goals. We listen to you, your employees, customers, partners and competitors. Conclusions may not be "politically correct". But that's not our role. As a public relations agency, we work on a task-oriented basis. We create action scenarios, schedules and tactics. But it's up to you what strategy you choose.

Are you ready for a change?

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The goals of our activities

The first step is to understand it.
Understand the challenge and the problem. Get to know the motivation of your employees. Are your partners loyal. Who is your competitor.
The second step is to identify where your company's hidden potential is. Where there are gaps and bottlenecks in your company. We want to show you that your employees often have sufficient knowledge and experience for your company to achieve spectacular success.

The next big step is to go beyond your comfort zone. How to increase liquidity in your company? How to dynamically increase revenues from your existing customers - without additional investments? Where are the undeveloped niches in your industry?
Or maybe you want to increase the value of your brand to sell it?
We are at your disposal. Call me.

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Communication tools

Public relations tools it, among others e-PR, sending press releases, cooperation with the media, effective use of social media, communication with employees and corporate social responsibility. Using proven communication tools, we help companies achieve their goals. We transform interested consumers into customers, build the company's image, and introduce new products and services to the markets. What can we do for you?


Marketing strategy

Ambitious goals require strategy. Understanding your needs, challenges and problems is the first step. We always profile target groups and define their motivations for specific attitudes or behaviors. As a public relations agency, we have extensive groups of marketing tools at our disposal. And most importantly, we adjust the Goals - Activities - Measures. We have proprietary marketing solutions.

We use strategic communication and marketing techniques with an effective impact to meet the most difficult challenges and activate their development potential.

Our offer

PR Agency

Commplace - PR agency in the 21st century

We are a PR agency offering services in the field of modern public relations, e-PR, strategic marketing as well as building and implementing sales strategies.

Taken by us PR activities and related areas include, among others, sales support, implementation of new management methods or comprehensive Internet marketing and online advertising campaigns. We have proprietary solutions in the area of marketing and PR.

Modern marketing requires operations with surgical precision. We are prepared for it. We have experience and proprietary solutions.

Experience in PR since 1996

25 years of experience. As a PR Agency, we ensure the implementation of campaigns from concept, audits, through solution tests, implementation and support, to effectiveness analysis.

Since 1996, we have been developing our competences in the area of PR, e-PR, SEO, SEM, marketing and strategic consulting. For us, PR activities are an indispensable part of an extensive strategy of selling products and services, as well as branding. Public relations is an important part of any business.
We are proud to have experience in building the value of 300 brands.

PR agency activities in the 21st century

Currently, the main direction of our activities is focused on finding solutions based on digital technologies and PR on the Internet (e-PR). Profiling groups of recipients and precise adjustment of tools is now the basis of activities. In the area of marketing communication, we use proprietary solutions.

An interesting and full of challenges for us is the issue of connecting 2 worlds: online and offline. Traditional sales channels combined with online technologies. Linking customer paths in the offline and online channels.

If you are interested - please contact us.

Reference Marketing

Reference marketing, recommendation marketing or word of mouth marketing are three related terms for an important area of every business. We place great emphasis on referral marketing. One of his channels is managing opinions about the brand on the web. User feedback and reviews can be used in the sales process and to build a company's reputation. We create customer-brand contact paths and adjust tools in the area of reference marketing. We have developed and implemented proprietary solutions: Brand Offensive Strategy and Brand Defense Strategy.

Getting testimonials from your customers is easier than you think. Research shows that 80% reviews come from regular email correspondence. 68% issued a recommendation to the company when the company asked for them. What is the conclusion of this? It is better to be active and seek references than to leave the fate of your company to chance.

Commplace - PR agency in the 21st century

Experience in PR since 1996

PR agency activities in the 21st century

Reference Marketing

Get to know our products

Place of sales

Today, as a seller, you should have a strong brand. That is why we help companies implement sales communication and SEO PR. It is generating leads for companies that want to win. Whenever.

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Place of Internet

Two out of three Internet users search the web for goods and services. Who will they find faster: you or the competition? Bet on effective online marketing and profit on the Internet.

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Place of graphics

7 out of 10 respondents admit that they have a better return on investment when they add graphics to their content. Why? Be expressive and recognizable. Perhaps the time has come for rebranding.

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Place of communication

Dialogue with the client is the essence of modern communication. Are you listening carefully enough? Does your communication strategy speak well about your product? What methods do you use to measure its effectiveness?

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Place of food marketing

Did you know that the most common topic of conversation is food? We know how to make people talk about your product. Recipe, arrangement, styling, culinary photography are food marketing in the Commplace edition.

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Event Agency

We have our own training and catering center. Interests you organisation of events tailor-made? we invite you to company events in the Giant Mountains. Over 1000 completed events.

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Effective PR Agency

Effective PR Agency - what does it mean for us?

Efficient PR agency it does not perform its tasks in a vacuum. He does not create art for the sake of art. Each time he gets to know the client. His needs, problems, reality. We set monthly, weekly and even daily goals.

We not only listen, but also hear our customers' voices. We enter the world of their business. We fight their problems. We address potential recipients on their behalf. An effective Public Relations Agency is like an advisor, mentor, partner. It does not create solutions detached from reality. And those that can be measured and adapted to your current needs.

We believe in the synergy effect - a PR company

We know you are an expert in your field. We, in turn, have many years of experience in the field of marketing and PR. Think how much together we can achieve!

The synergy effect will create a unique opportunity for the development of your business. Thanks to the combination of your experts' knowledge and our know-how, we will reach for what you care about the most. Together we can do more. Find out about it. Ask about the possibilities of cooperation with the public relations agency Commplace.

References - what our clients say about us

References - what our clients say about us

Based on our cooperation, we can recommend the Commplace agency as a professional and trustworthy partner in the area of marketing and image consulting.

Adrian Halupczok Brand owner and creator

References - what our clients say about us

Commplace employees who participated in the project showed great commitment and thorough knowledge. During the cooperation, the great flexibility and orientation towards a common goal also deserved special recognition. With full responsibility, we can recommend the Commplace agency as a trustworthy partner in the area of marketing consulting.

Michał Majnusz Chairman of the Board

References - what our clients say about us

The Agency's activities bring measurable effects, which are visible each month in indicators such as the number of visits to the website, the position of the website in the search results, or the number of inquiries.

Monika Książek Vice President

References - what our clients say about us

(...) we would like to confirm the continued effective cooperation with the Commplace agency. During 11 months of PR activities carried out in cooperation with the media, it was possible to reach 17 746 455 million recipients with messages about the brand. On the other hand, the advertising equivalent of the publications obtained was over PLN 2.6 million. The agency also provided us with a high index of key phrases in the TOP10 of Google search results and supported us in the areas of graphic design and website management

Stanisław Jamiołkowski Chairman of the Board

References - what our clients say about us

From the moment of establishing cooperation, the tasks are carried out efficiently and reliably. The agency ensures a fast flow of information, which has a positive impact on the quality and level of tasks performed. With full responsibility, we recommend the Commplace agency as a reliable and professional partner in the field of marketing consulting services.

Patrycja Michałek Product Manager

References - what our clients say about us

All Commplace employees who participated in the project showed great commitment and knowledge. They supported our brand both on the operational and strategic level, looking at our needs holistically.

Paweł Kuczera President of the Management Board, Co-owner

References - what our clients say about us

The Commplace agency is a trustworthy partner in the field of brand image building and implementation of tasks in the area of internet marketing, including SEO / Google Ads. It was a very good solution to entrust Commplace employees with areas so important for the functioning of our company.

Justyna Juszczyk Promotion and advertising specialist

References - what our clients say about us

Based on our cooperation so far, we are pleased to certify that the Commplace agency has all the necessary competences in the field of services offered and provided. In each of the areas of cooperation, Commplace employees demonstrate professionalism and commitment, and the implementation of assigned tasks was quick and efficient.

Małgorzata Kessler Marketing Manager

References - what our clients say about us

The agency supports us in the area of internet marketing, and more specifically - SEO and Google Ads. During the cooperation so far, we have achieved increases in key indicators, which proves the effectiveness of the chosen strategy.

Krzysztof Ogonowski Marketing boss

References - what our clients say about us

The company Commplace sp. Z oo sp. K. Has been responsible for communication services and marketing support for the Ariete brand represented by us in Poland since the beginning of 2021. The main responsibilities of the agency included preparing communication plans, maintaining permanent contacts with the media and broadly understood copywriting and content activities. Commplace also prepared for us plans for special marketing activities and was responsible for their course and correct implementation.

We are pleased to recommend Commplace Sp. z o. o. as a reliable and trustworthy partner, caring for the welfare of its client, as well as efficiently and timely implementation of the tasks entrusted to him.

Arkadiusz Sawicki Marketing Manager, Gero Sp. z o. o., which is the sole distributor of the Ariete brand in Poland

References - what our clients say about us

The Commplace Agency has all the necessary competences in the field of offered and provided services. In each of the areas of cooperation, Commplace employees demonstrate professionalism and commitment, and the implementation of the assigned tasks was quick and efficient. We confirm with full responsibility that the Commplace agency is a trustworthy business partner.

Magdalena Bennek Innpro - manufacturer of the ECOFLOW brand

We publish in the media:

Wroclaw newspaper  | Gazeta Krakowska  | Dziennik Bałtycki  | Journal of Lodz  | Interia  | virtual Poland  |  | Log24  | e-economy  | Business Pillars  |  | The Voice of Greater Poland  | Pomeranian newspaper  | Our city  | For production  | Log 4  | Isb Tech  | MSN  | CC News  | HR pulse  | Gazeta Lubuska  | Live well  | Veranda  | Wholesale and Retail  | HOUSING  |  | You  | Szczecin Voice  | Pomeranian voice  | Outsorcing portal

Interested in cooperation?

If you want to know more, write to us:

PR Academy

We are a consulting company with its own conference and event center

We have already organized 1100 events. We specialize in organizing tailor-made events. The most popular are team building events, culinary tournaments and the Goldberg Machine. We also offer accommodation in unique apartments, lounges and rooms. Companies have at their disposal nearly 300 dishes and our brand of craft beer and coffee.

We have rooms with full equipment, allowing you to freely conduct training for smaller or larger groups.
We specialize in activities in the field of team building and scenario events. Dwór Korona Karkonoszy is also an ideal place for wedding in the mountains. No other wedding hall Lower Silesia can't compare to it.

B2B sales support workshops

We are aware that the most important aspect in any business is customer acquisition. Are you interested in B2B sales support? Take advantage of the PR Academy workshops conducted by our public relations experts.

Customer personalization. Generating online leads. Sales audit. These are just some of the topics that we discuss during the B2B sales support workshops. We are also going a step further. We present methods of finalizing the transaction. Ask us about the next available workshop date at the PR Academy.
Who are the workshops for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors of sales departments,
- traders,
- employees supporting the sales department.

Managing a company in crisis

Get ready for crisis management. Don't wait for a crisis to occur. Plan your activities with the PR COMMPLACE agency to stay in control of the situation. Sign up for a proprietary training program under the PR Academy conducted by our agency.

Contrary to appearances, the crisis does not break out only on Fridays after 4pm. It can happen any day. At any time. That is why it is so important to create an action plan. How? Our experts will answer this question during the crisis management training. Take advantage of the extensive experience of Commplace PR specialists. And in the event of an emergency - ask for immediate help.
Who is the program for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors,
- PR department employees.

Personal branding: personal consultancy for managers

How to stand out from the competition by using your strengths? What aspects should be taken into account when building a personal brand? Join Personal branding and find out the answers!

Personal branding: personal consultancy for managers is an original program of the PR COMMPLACE Academy. Its purpose is to broaden horizons and strengthen brands. Including private labels. Our specialists will advise you on how to shape the image to support the achievement of business goals. Thanks to us, you will learn what aspects should be paid attention to in order to maximize the effects.
Who is the program for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors.

Public relations workshops for specialists

Our team includes public relations consultants and brand strategists. For years, we have been supporting companies in winning markets and achieving business goals. We are happy to share our knowledge. Do you have a specific goal you want to achieve? Let's talk.

Proprietary public relations workshops allow you to look at PR from a new perspective. They provide modern tools that you will use to build and create the image of your brand and contacts with the media. Take advantage of our many years of experience. Grow your brand thanks to the workshops in our PR COMMPLACE agency.
Who are the workshops for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- press spokesmen,
- managers / directors,
- employees of marketing / PR departments,
- internal and external communication specialists.

Sales copywriting - sales support

Words have great power. Can affect emotions. Create needs. Sell. We focus on the latter during the sales copywriting training. Commplace experts will answer how to generate content that will work for your brand.

Wondering where to start? Take advantage of training as part of the PR COMMPLACE Academy. Learn the stages of creating sales content, effective text building techniques and tools to support the process. Increase the effectiveness of your content. Monetize it.
Who is the PR COMMPLACE training for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors of copywriting and communication departments,
- traders.

PR agency - how can we help you?

What is a PR agency? A public relations agency and its services are the basis for effective promotion and building a positive image of your company. We are specialists in the field of PR and we perfectly understand how important it is to properly manage brand communication in order to achieve success.

A PR agency is a specialized company that cares about the image of various entities. The PR company has a wide range of services in its competence. PR strategy is based on several pillars. Much depends on the needs of customers. Public relations helps in building the company's image as a proven contractor and business partner, as well as a reliable employer. PR agencies have been operating for years and their popularity is increasing year by year.

PR agency what exactly can this mean for your company? Our PR agency focuses on creating and maintaining a positive image of the company through effective communication with clients, business partners and the media. We act as a strategic partner, advising on external and internal communication, managing crises, organizing events and creating effective PR strategies.

Are you looking for professional support in the field of public relations? PR agency Commplace is a place where we always focus on innovation and high quality of services. Thanks to our experience and the use of the latest tools and techniques, we achieve the goals our clients care about. Do you want to increase your brand recognition? The best PR agency in Poland is at your disposal!

Wondering how much PR service costs? It depends. The PR agency creates a price list of services and offers, adjusting its scope to the expectations and capabilities of each client. The best PR agencies provide a clear and reliable quote. At Commplace, we focus on transparency – also in the financial area. We offer flexible service packages that take into account individual requirements and budgets. We give our clients a sense of security and a guarantee of well-invested money in effective promotion and growth of the company's reputation.

Every day we do everything to confirm our customers that using the services of a PR company is the best they could do for the development of their company. We work with passion and commitment to provide you with the highest level of service and achieve optimal results. Our team of experienced public relations specialists perfectly understands the unique needs of each client and is ready to meet even the most demanding challenges. As a PR agency, Commplace is constantly following trends and innovations in the field of PR to provide you with the best and most effective solutions. E-PR strategies have no secrets for us. We know how to effectively use social media, influencers and PR on the weband to reach the largest possible target group and build a strong online brand presence.

The best PR agencies are characterized by professionalism, creativity and efficiency. Commplace is so much more. Are you looking for a trusted advisor in the PR area? Regardless of the size of your company, you can count on our commitment and individual approach. More PR agencies are springing up like mushrooms. Trust the professionals who, based on an individual analysis of your company and its needs, will develop a communication strategy that will increase the attractiveness of your brand in the eyes of customers.

Choosing the right PR agency is of great importance to the success of your business. Not every PR company will allow you to achieve it. A good PR agency is not only a business partner, but also a strategist and spokesperson for your brand. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of creative solutions, effective communication and growth of your brand image.

If you are looking for a PR agency that exceeds expectations and provides unparalleled quality of service, then Commplace is the answer to your needs. Our piarist agency is distinguished not only by its experience and professionalism, but also by its innovative approach to communication and promotion. PR is our passion. We operate dynamically, creating strategies tailored to the unique goals and industry of our clients.

As a public relations agency, Commplace is ready to meet the biggest challenges and provide you with the results you expect. Convince yourself and check our extraordinary power. You will quickly see the difference we can make in your business.

Public relations - what is it?

Public relations has many definitions. The most popular definition of public relations is shaping the relationship of a given individual with the environment. Public relations also means having an appropriate impact on the society with the use of well-chosen tools. A public relations agency is responsible for analyzing opinions about a given company, consulting for image building, as well as constant research of communication factors. Public relations has many functions. Here are a few of them:

  • integration - consists in building contacts of a given enterprise with the environment understood as: potential buyers, current customers, as well as local government and government units. In the case of this function, the main goal of public relations is building a network of economic and business contacts;
  • coordination - it is the necessity to harmonize all elements of the campaign so that they form an integrated whole. For this purpose, it is used, inter alia, 360-degree communication. It uses all available tools adequate to the situation;
  • communication - involves planning the company's communication with its environment using appropriately selected tools. Public relations communication can take place by means of: classic press, press releases directed to the media, expert comments, as well as arranging interviews in selected titles. Currently, public relations communication can also take place in online channels such as social media, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

A public relations agency works under tactics. Its tasks include maintaining contacts with the media, preparing press releases, expert comments, as well as statements on key issues. The public relations agency also prepares speeches and teaches public speaking. It also works to expand the network of business contacts. Thanks to it, the recipient understands what the brand does, what its vision and mission are. Moreover, the task of public relations is to build customers' trust in the offered products, also in the entire enterprise.

PR and its history

PR is used to communicate with the environment, build a brand vision and its reputation on the market among properly defined target groups. So, PR has actually been used since mankind was born. The oldest sources already say that the rulers communicated with the people. For what purpose? In order to gain favor and, consequently, power. According to Robert Dilenschneider, the role of PR is to refresh the image of a given brand, introduce new products to the market and improve existing versions.

The history of PR goes back to ancient times. According to the authors: B. Rozwadowska or T. Goban-Klas PR was established in India. Ancient Maharajas employed spies to listen to the opinions of others. Other theories say that the first stage of PR took place in Greece. It is also said here that the rulers had a group of their relatives who listened to the voice of the people. In Greece, it was believed that the key to a successful political career was the people's favor and opinion.

Today, PR takes a completely different form, although reputation still plays a key role. From one year to another referral marketing is more and more popular. Why? The COVID-19 pandemic and numerous lockdowns have resulted in more and more people buying products online. How do they decide on one brand and not another? The strength of the recommendation plays a key role. These are the opinions of friends, as well as other people.

The Romans published the ACTA Diurna newspaper to inform residents about what was happening in the country. It was they who propagated the Latin language, from which the terms "public" or "public" are derived. PR was also visible in the industrial revolution, and the tools of PR were effectively used by capitalists such as William Venderbilt. The precursors of PR were Edward L. Barnays and Ivy Lee. The heyday of PR is recorded in the period after World War II.

PR agency - a short story

A PR agency is a specialized company that deals with broadly understood building the image of a given entity in the eyes of the public. The concept of PR and Piarist agency (wrong, but used by some) was popularized in 1919, when Edward Bernays began teaching PR classes at New York University. Interestingly, Edward Bernays is called the father of PR. In his theories, he went to very bold theories. He used to say that society needs a PR agency because people should be manipulated. He probably meant to present the right message.

The first PR agency in the world was established in 1905. It was Ivy Lee who issued and prepared the appeal "The public be informed". On the one hand, they talked about manipulating words and facts - on the other hand, about the necessity to establish permanent relationships with the local community. Interestingly, Ivy Lee was already aware of the existence of internal communication. He himself persuaded companies that the key to success is order inside the organization and communicating with employees.

In Poland, the first PR agency was established in 1990. In order to professionalize the profession, the Polish Public Relations Association (PSPR) was established.

Today, a PR agency plays a key role in running a business. As part of the professionalization of the profession, the Association of Public Relations Companies was also established, whose task is to spread the mission and vision of PR. The Public Relations Agency is therefore a tool in the hands of companies. It helps, researches, analyzes, and also arranges appropriate ones communication strategies tailored to customer needs. PR agencies have also specialized in narrow areas.

Short story:

  1. The first stage - the seeds of PR in India, as well as in Greece.
  2. Stage Two - Capitalism's Sharks and the Industrial Revolution.
  3. Stage three - the era of Edward Bernays and putting the term "PR agency" on the agenda.
  4. The final stage - PR agencies enter Poland.

Public relations agency - how can it help you?

A public relations agency has many tasks. The PR agency market itself is growing every year. Currently, there are about 1000 entities with various scope of activities. A public relations agency offers professional communication services. Some of the PR companies conduct 360-degree activities. This means that they guarantee comprehensive brand care in every possible field: online, offline. A public relations agency may also specialize in a narrow field. And so on the market we have IR agencies that deal with investor relations. A public relations agency can help you bring new products to market. Its task is also to influence the actions taken by consumers. In the last few years, influencer marketing has become popular - and the very term "influencer" is "influencing" or "a person who influences decisions."

A public relations agency has comprehensive personal branding in its scope, so taking care of the image of a reliable and desirable employer. In addition, there are also PR public affairs agencies. They are responsible for relations between the brand and local government and external units. A small part of the agencies specialize in corporate PR. He takes care of communication with the media, internal communication, as well as CSR activities, i.e. socially responsible. The tasks of the PR company also include the development of effective communication with the environment. Depending on the needs of a given entity, press releases may be sent to clients, potential clients, business environment (contractors, investors), employees (as part of internal communication), local government units (city offices, marshal offices), as well as government institutions - research units or directly to the ministry concerned. The PR agency also deals with refreshing brand image as part of the rebranding. This consists in taking comprehensive actions aimed at creating a new face of the brand in the minds of recipients.

PR companies - scope of activities

PR companies offer a different range of activities. These are aimed at the business, official and consumer environment. What exemplary activities are carried out by PR companies? The key competences include: building and maintaining media relations, website positioning, operating within Google Ads, creating websites, communication and employer branding strategy.

What else do PR companies do? They also have consulting services in the areas of: internal communication, B2B marketing, reference marketing based on user opinions, customer lifetime value, HR+PR, crisis management. As part of the product offer, PR companies carry out: place of sales, place of Internet, place of graphics, place of communication or events. PR companies are multitasking.

PR companies also take care of extensive activities related to the product and services. It is not only about introducing new goods to the market. It is also activities related to increasing the sale of current products and services. As part of crisis communication, the task of the PR company is to defend goods that have met the resistance of society. As a rule, these are innovations that are unknown to the local community. These can be modern methods of treatment or products that are just gaining recognition on global markets. PR companies are also market visionaries. So it is their job to seize the opportunity to present their client. For this purpose, they propose participation in trade fairs or events. Another element of image is participation in economic congresses organized at the highest level.

The key is:

  • creating public trust in the activities undertaken by the company, as well as in the products it offers;
  • repairing trust when it was tarnished during a crisis;
  • shaping the desired image, opinion leader, socially responsible company;
  • gaining the support of the B2B community as well as the public.

PR work - why is it worth it?

Currently, many industries in Poland are struggling with the lack of hands to work. The situation is associated with a large outflow of people abroad. PR work - is it interesting? The structures of the PR agencies cover various positions. The PR team deals with ongoing customer service. PR work in the structures of the team consists in strategic planning, implementation of activities and market monitoring. The PR agency also employs strategic and creative directors.

In specialized agencies, PR work also includes media buying, personal branding, product placement, social media, and event departments. The PR industry in Poland is capacious. It employs people who are in the process of education, just after graduation, or experienced specialists aged 40+. PR work is associated with creativity, constant changes and challenges. It stimulates out-of-the-box thinking and creating innovative products.

Undoubtedly, the factor that encourages people to take up employment in this sector is earnings. PR work is associated with a lot of responsibility, which is rewarded in an appropriate way. The latest market research by the Association of Public Relations Companies shows that you can earn up to PLN 20,000 gross in the industry. The study was conducted in over 20 agencies. The union took into account the gross monthly salary - the median, i.e. the average. PR work also includes various positions. And so the CEO, i.e. the president, earns on average over PLN 23,500. A member of the Management Board or Managing Partner has PLN 22,800, while the Managing Director has just over PLN 21,600. The Unit Director, who manages the structure on his own and reports directly to the director, has PLN 15,600. According to the statement, Group Account Manager earns PLN 12,300. His task is to coordinate managers and report to superiors. The PR team usually consists of a Senior Consultant - Senior Account Manager, whose average salary is PLN 10,500, Account Manager with a salary of PLN 8,500, Junior Account Manager with a salary of PLN 7,000, Senior Account Executive with a salary of PLN 6,600 and Junior - PLN 4,200. .

PR tender - how to approach it?

PR agencies use several methods to attract clients. Does it always have to be a PR tender? Not necessarily. In the environment, the strength of the recommendation is of key importance. According to various sources, the strength of the recommendation is of great importance. Therefore, experienced PR agencies partially acquire clients thanks to the reputation and opinions of other people. Another way is a PR tender. These can be divided into private and governmental.

As part of tenders of private companies, there is no specific scenario and brief scheme. The PR tender of a local government or government unit is created according to strictly defined rules. In order to join the agency, the agency must meet specific requirements. The PR tender is nothing more than a tender competition for the provision of a given service. What matters is ingenuity, creativity, innovation, experience and the price of the contract.

PR tender, how to prepare for it? At the beginning, the PR company verifies its capabilities. Are you sure the query is for us, will we be able to meet the challenge? During the tender, some agencies ask which other agencies have been invited to participate in the tender. This is valuable information because the company can learn about the profile of other units. The PR tender is closely related to time. Failure to submit the documents may result in removal from the tender procedure. It is important to get to know the client's needs and answer the question whether I am able to meet them. Public tenders require great precision and meticulousness. Financial security or signing a confidentiality agreement are often required. And the presentation is the showcase of the company. What the PR agency shows during the meeting will affect further cooperation. Therefore, not only the content is important, but also the graphic design of the presentation. The final step is a customer presentation. Charismatic people with a lot of knowledge should be selected for it.

Public relations strategy - what is it?

Your public relations strategy is critical. According to the Encyclopedia of Management, the public relations strategy is implemented in two ways. It can be divided into: long-term and current - related to solving problems that occur here and now. The strategy defines strategic and operational goals and examples of activities. The public relations strategy also presents the tools for its implementation.

The public relations strategy should be based on researching the business environment of the company and its recipients. In the next step, business, strategic and communication goals are defined. A public relations strategy - otherwise known as Big Idea - should have a coherent message and appropriately selected PR tools. The PR strategy should include activities aimed at target groups. The key is to analyze them successively.

A public relations strategy is a long-term process of creating full communication of an individual divided into periods and goals: short-term and long-term. It consists of an analytical part. Then experts examine the company's environment and its customers. They check for strengths and weaknesses. The public relations strategy must have appropriate goals, e.g. increasing brand recognition, increasing the number of customers, expanding the target group with new segments or creating a new brand image. The public relations strategy should have a budget as well as clearly defined KPIs. The customer should know what he is paying for. Is it worth having a PR strategy? Chaotic actions can damage the company. Therefore, specialized PR companies that deal with communication have appeared on the market.


  • a public relations strategy is a document showing the direction of communication in the company;
  • the process of creating a strategy requires careful analysis;
  • the first stage is a preliminary analysis that identifies customer needs;
  • the next step is to define goals and main messages;
  • the public relations strategy also includes budgets and schedules.

PR team, i.e. who works in PR

A good PR team plays a key role in the process of implementing the strategy and its assumptions. The PR team includes specialists who deal with communication. Among them there is a person from media relations, as well as creating and distributing content. These are press releases, market and expert comments. Moreover, the PR team is responsible for media preparation of experts for interviews with journalists. Creates briefs and key messages.

The PR team has extensive competences, so the team may also include graphic designers. Often in the PR team there are people who specialize in social media and positioning of the client's websites. The PR team is also responsible for creating event scenarios, organizing conferences and press breakfasts along with preparing experts. The scope of activities depends on the needs of customers.

PR team, what people make it up? The composition of the PR team varies. He may be a strategist who checks the implementation of the strategy on an ongoing basis. Moreover, the PR team includes a manager. He makes sure that the strategy is implemented and reports the actions taken to the client on an ongoing basis. Inspires, analyzes and draws conclusions. The operational work is done by consultants and juniors. What are their tasks? Scheduling the press release, as well as arrangement. Creating media notes and briefing clients before interviews. Their task is also to analyze the competition and the company's business environment. In addition, the PR team deals with the organization of small events such as press breakfasts or conferences. The last task is reporting on activities, as well as ongoing media monitoring. In the event of a crisis, the PR team reports the topic to the manager. Then appropriate actions are taken in accordance with the crisis book.

PR roles. Logo and other tasks

A high-class PR agency has people with various competences in its ranks. PR logo - what is it? For the needs of selected brands, companies create graphic visualizations. Having an appropriate mark identifies a given company and distinguishes it from other companies. How is a PR logo created? This solution is often used by completely new companies that are just entering the market. Then they ask the agency for a logo. This should be consistent with the strategy of activities as well as the communication direction of a given company.

Another case when a PR logo is needed is rebranding. Brands that have been operating on the market for years are undergoing rebranding to adapt their PR logo to the new generation or the changing reality. What should the PR of the logo be like? It all depends on the needs of customers. Nevertheless, the PR logo must be legible, easy to remember, and should also look good on the gadgets that the company can produce. It is worth bearing in mind these factors before choosing the right logo.

PR logo, what are its functions? A perfectly designed logo is the distinguishing feature of the brand. What should it be? First of all, originality matters. It should be in interesting colors, and also have appropriate and unique shapes. Another aspect is the clarity of the message. Timelessness is important when designing a PR logo, which is why minimalism is at a premium. Logo PR should leave an unforgettable impression in the minds of recipients. It is also important to protect the logotype. So that no one could use it illegally. What is the purpose of logo PR? First of all, it is evoking the appropriate associations in the minds of customers. The logo should be positive, timeless and simple. Almost all large, leading brands have simple logos that attract the viewer through unusual design.

How does a PR company measure the effectiveness of its activities?

A PR company measures the effectiveness of activities using specific indicators. Some of them are figures. The others are difficult to define unequivocally. Nevertheless, it is: improvement of the company's image, brand reputation, social impact or SEO impact. A PR company includes the following indicators that are measurable by means of numbers: the number of publications, reach and AVE, i.e. the advertising equivalent of generated publications. The effectiveness of actions is also measured in social media.

In this case, the PR company is based on specific data - very precise. These are ranges, number of likes or posts. In the case of a KPI press conference, there may be the number of journalists present at the event. When organizing an event, a KPI is determined, for example, by the number of guests. The PR company is also based on CTR / OR, and the determinant of effectiveness can be quality, e.g. publications in high-range business or lifestyle media.

A PR company measures the effectiveness of its activities as follows:

  • analyzes the content in the media - the PR company checks which publications appeared in the media, and what their nature was. It is based on publication dates, checks the media in which the news appeared, and examines and analyzes the reach or advertising equivalent.

Popular media indicators also include:

  • reach, is the data on the number of titles multiplied by the number of articles;
  • reach, which is the total estimated number of readers;
  • the overtone can be positive, negative and also neutral.

Other indicators are:

  • brand awareness indicators, e.g. top of mind;
  • image indicators, e.g. associations.

PR activities are often confused with marketing activities. The combination of PR and marketing will give the appropriate sales results. These are calculated using specific data: an increase in the number of buyers, an increase in the value of the shopping cart or its changes.

PR agency in a nutshell, a short summary

A PR agency is a specialized company that cares about the brand image. It builds its reputation in the eyes of those around you. PR agency uses tools available on the market. In the industry, we distinguish PR companies that specialize in narrow plots, such as employer branding, public affairs or HR. There are also those that comprehensively care for the image on the basis of 360 actions. The first PR agency in Poland was established in the 90s and since then the industry has been professionalized. The PR sector alone is worth over a billion zlotys, and there are nearly a thousand PR companies on the market. The largest markets are Warsaw, Kraków and Poznań. Companies from all industries use the help of PR agencies. Only regular communication activities bring results.

PR agency prepare a communication strategy, and then it will take care of its implementation and achievement of the assumed goals. These can be short term and long term. In addition, it uses appropriate tools to reach target groups. PR agency charges appropriate fees for its services. These are set on the basis of hourly rates (usually in the case of short-term projects) or fees. Before starting cooperation, it is necessary to sign a contract. The document should include the scope of the order, implementation time, as well as KPIs on the basis of which the cooperation is settled. Activities carried out by a PR agency are long-term in nature, so the best results will be visible after a certain period of time. Annual communication works best, as it allows you to take into account seasonal trends in PR. The PR agency has many areas within its scope of activities. It can help in building the company's image, creating a completely new one, inward and outward-facing activities.

Is it worth basing your choice on the ranking of PR agencies?

Will effective actions be ensured only by using the services of the largest PR agencies? The number of employees is important, but much depends on our needs and capabilities. The market of public relations agencies includes entities offering a comprehensive communication strategy. And not only the biggest players can achieve great results in this area. among the experienced public relations agencies we will find those that are able to ensure good communication of their clients' companies. Media image marketing – among the largest public relations agencies there is not a single one for which these terms sound foreign. However, checking the ranking of the largest agencies is not always the answer to the question of which one to choose. Why homing

What does a public relations officer do? Certainly, the agency has more than one in its ranks, and each is a specialist in a different area. The team is usually supervised by a public relations manager, although individual agencies may use different nomenclature. The number of employees also varies. Want to join the public relations team? Some public agencies conduct permanent recruitment. If media marketing has no secrets for you, apply!

For individual public relations agencies, the indicator of development is the increasing number of followers on social networking sites. However, their real strength is evidenced by the completed public relations campaigns. Effective public relations activities increase the recognition of the client's brand, and by the way - the visibility of the public relations agency.

Cooperation with a PR agency will help you spread your wings in business and increase your sales results.  

Good to know:

What does a PR agency do?

A PR agency is a company dealing with communication and building the image of companies and public figures. Its task is to shape opinions about a given entity, promote its activities, as well as ensure effective communication with the media and clients. Thanks to their experience and knowledge, specialists from PR agencies are able to effectively achieve the goals of their clients and facilitate success in business or professional career. In the era of the growing social media market, a PR agency becomes even more important, enabling you to effectively reach a wide audience and build a strong online presence. So if you are looking for professional help in the field of public relations, the PR agency is the solution for you!

What is a PR agency?

A PR agency is a company that builds the image of its clients through the effective use of public relations activities. This is especially important nowadays, when competition is huge and customer requirements are growing. Thanks to the work of a PR agency, a company can effectively communicate its values and goals, acquire new customers and strengthen its position on the market. The PR agency offers its support primarily in the field of image creation, marketing activities and media relations. Thanks to this, clients of PR agencies gain valuable support in their daily work and can effectively work for the development of their companies.

How to set up a PR agency?

Setting up a PR agency can be an interesting challenge for many people. Effective communication is crucial in today's information age, and a PR agency can help organizations achieve their goals and build their brand. However, before setting up a PR agency, you should carefully analyze the market, determine your added value and strategically plan the development of your business. It takes time, commitment and flexibility. However, with a good business plan, a strong team and the right network of contacts, starting a PR agency can be a great challenge for people who want to influence the world around us.

What activities does a PR agency perform?

The activities carried out by PR agencies go far beyond generating a positive image of the company, but also include many other activities that are aimed at attracting the attention of customers and increasing the value of the brand. The PR agency works on creating a professional image of the company, promoting its products and services, building customer trust and maintaining good relations with the media. Believing in the strength of a good company image, the PR agency performs all its activities with great commitment and professionalism.

Why is it worth using the services of a PR agency?

PR agencies can help companies succeed on the market thanks to their knowledge, experience and media relations. Thanks to a professional approach and effective strategies, a PR agency has the opportunity to increase brand recognition, build the company's image and increase sales. In addition, PR agencies help in crisis management, which is extremely important in the event of emergencies. Therefore, if you want to increase your visibility on the market and achieve success in running a business, using the services of a PR agency is the best solution.

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