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Key data

  • 1 place among the tabs on recuperation in the EU
  • 76 the position of the tab in the search engine for recuperator has increased
  • 1 351 % increase of unique views of the tab
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Customer story

The history of Vasco Group begins 40 years ago. In 1975. an entrepreneur from Limburg, Jos Vaessen founded the company Vasco, starting the production of convectors. With the design and marketing of the Primula freestanding convector, Vasco has seamlessly entered the area of decorative radiators. The years of VASCO engineers' work have also brought revolutionary solutions in a new generation of air handling units with heat recovery. Currently, recuperation, and more specifically the Vasco Silent Ventilation recuperation system, is a unique offer, not available on the Polish market until recently. In addition, in the first quarter of 2020, Vasco introduced a 6-year warranty for customers choosing the entire Vasco Silent Ventilation system.

It is a unique offer on the Polish market. The price includes a technical design, installation assembly and an annual inspection program.


Increase in visits to the Polish tab devoted to recuperation and other significant indicators (including those showing how sales via the Internet are shaped).

Increase of the tab position for keywords important for the brand - recuperator and recuperation.
Reaching a properly profiled recipient of the offer.



Each element influencing sales should be consistent with the others, as a result, the whole should act like a system of connected vessels.

A potential Vasco customer must be properly guided - from the moment the password is entered in the search engine until the purchase is made. That is why it was so important to prepare and use tools that will not only make the user find Vasco's offer among the many recuperator offers, but also perform the appropriate action after entering the website.


  • 1 the leading position among foreign branches of the company in the EU
  • 76 - the position of the tab in the search engine for recuperator has increased
  • 1 351 % - increase of unique views of the tab
  • 24 - the position of the tab in the search engine for recuperation has increased
  • 5 foreign branches of the company that we overtook with the results
  • 12 teams involved in the project

Our activities include:

Audit of the sales path and sales funnel.
Creating a comprehensive content marketing and link building strategy.
Conducting a Google Ads campaign targeted at a profiled group of recipients of recuperation systems.
Optimization of the tab presenting the recuperation offer (texts and graphics).
Verification of "call to action" visible on the website.
Use of the Marketing Conversion tool.

Effects of activities

Internet sales are an important part of our client's activities, which is why we put a strong emphasis on online marketing activities. The strategy we designed was optimized on an ongoing basis, thanks to which we achieved the intended effect in a shorter time than originally planned. Each of the tools we used contributed to a satisfactory result.

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Marketing audit

Marketing audit - analysis of communication methods and marketing expenses

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