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marketing agency Wroclaw

Marketing agency Wrocław. We are a marketing agency - experts in online marketing, brand building, market expansion, sales support, website positioning, ADS campaign and communication strategy.
We have our own team of analysts - specializing in marketing services for companies.

We are the only marketing agency with its own training and event center with hotel facilities. We have our own team of chefs and food marketing specialists.

Selected services:

SEO - Polish and international market

We build strong brands

Communication strategy

Reach the right audience

Google Ads

Get high ranking on Google

A strong brand

Increase in brand recognition
The company's expansion strategy into the Polish and foreign markets - an effective marketing campaign.

We build communication and expansion strategies based on the synergy effect: PR - SEO - ADS on Polish and foreign markets.

We have proprietary marketing solutions We build dedicated sales support solutions based on indicators.

EXPANSION - communication strategy - analysis

The first stage of expansion is a comparative analysis of the market, competition, products and services. Analysis of competitors' activities on Polish and foreign markets, their product, sales and marketing strategies. It is also important to analyze the specifics of a given market, regulations, demographic profiles of customers or cultural differences. As everyone admits PR agency, this stage of the communication strategy is considered by many specialists to be the most important.

EXPANSION - communication strategy - tools

In the first stage of expansion, it is important to develop and implement tools in the areas of: online marketing, e-PR and the entire area of trade marketing. The most effective solutions include group of SEO and ADS tools and derivatives. This stage of the company's expansion strategy on foreign markets assumes the implementation of such solutions to manage exports, without incurring huge costs related to a local investment (offices, warehouses, etc.).

EXPANSION - Communication strategy - automation and parametrization

One of the biggest challenges is the parameterization of indicators in the area of foreign expansion, especially marketing. All our solutions are based on a number of indicators tailored to the nature of foreign expansion.
We have our own analytical solutions in the area of marketing and sales support.

EXPANSION - Communication strategy - automation and parametrization

We do good marketing

Does the Wrocław marketing agency do good marketing? At Commplace, we have been successfully operating in this area for years. What does it mean? We achieve the goals set together with our clients. Do you want to gain trust among customers and build a positive image of your brand? Are you introducing a new product to the market? We will help you in any case.

What can we do for you?

Our activities may include the implementation of appropriate solutions throughout the company. They may also apply to selected products, services or employees. Decide with us in which area you want to operate and how we can help you. Reach for more with us. Reach for success with us.

Customers are important, but so are your employees

Build with us a strong image of your company in their eyes. Give them reasons to want to work for you. That they would like to want to achieve the company's goals. Internal PR increases the effectiveness of communication. It improves the flow of information. Eliminates organizational chaos. Reduces the risk of a crisis within the company. At Commplace, we know how to create internal PR. All this to efficiently achieve your goals. Find out what plan we will create for your organization.

Creating a brand strategy for your company brings out the characteristic features of your products and services, tailored to the specificity of the recipients. So that it can offer your target audience an important and compelling promise. Who will do it best? marketing agency Wrocław - focus on effectiveness.

ADS, SEO, PR, WWW for companies with Wroclaw

When thinking about expansion in Poland and abroad, your company can benefit from many marketing solutions. It is important to use solutions such as Real Time Marketing in the first stage. Be able to revise tools and solutions in real time.

An effective sales campaign for your products and services in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, all over Poland and on international markets we will help you gain leads and new clients.

An effective marketing strategy in Wrocław and other markets we will help you build the recognition of your products, services and brand.

Your company will be introduced to completely new recipients - we are looking for market niches for your products and services.

We will become for your company not only a provider of marketing services. We will be your strategic partner on the way to financial success

Check the offer for Wrocław, Poland and the EUmarketing agency Wrocław

B2B Marketing

How to effectively reach business customers? Is it worth building a strong brand in B2B? How should effective B2B marketing work in practice?

Reference Marketing

70 percent of consumers make decisions influenced by references or recommendations. Do your clients recommend your services?

HR + PR = Employer Branding

Your company's reputation today has measurable importance on the market. Are you ready to become a better employer? Employer branding strategy is an obligation.

Customer lifetime value (CLV)

Are you following your customers carefully enough? Do you know what value they have for your business? Change the way you think about customer acquisition.

Internal communication

Good communication in the organization means measurable financial benefits. Its lack is a waste of opportunities and potential - can your company afford it?

Crisis management

The crisis is inevitable. When will you appear, will you fight the crisis or for the company's survival?

COMMPLACE a modern marketing agency

25 years of experience.
Support for 300 brands.
Over 1000 events
Proprietary solutions in marketing.

Meet Commplace

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An offer tailored to your needs.
Efficiency is key.
Check us out.

Consulting offer

A non-standard range of communication and sales support services. Our consulting offer is always individualized.

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We only present solutions that our clients need and are able to implement. We deliver specific, measurable results.

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We have a dedicated offer for you.

marketing agency Wroclaw

Show us what your business goals are. Commplace experts will indicate possible solutions that will maximize the expected results. We have effective solutions.

We operate much wider

We examine the demographic profiles of your customers, determine what your potential customers are looking for, what are the desired features of the products on a given foreign market. Yes, to choose complementary solutions that will allow you to achieve success. Check what proposals we will prepare for you.

marketing agency Wroclaw

We use our extensive business knowledge in our daily activities. We use the latest and most effective digital tools. All this to identify strategic development opportunities for the client's company from every angle. No matter where its location is.

The seat of the company is just an address. Marketing agency Wrocław - location does not matter. Bet on cooperation with experienced experts. Don't limit your options. Check out the effective solutions of the Commplace marketing agency. We will specify what activities your company needs. We will estimate their duration. We will define the effects.

marketing agency Wroclaw

Marketing agency Wrocław

Wrocław - the city of 100 bridges

Wrocław is associated by many as the city of 100 bridges. Currently, there are over 100 bridges and footbridges in Wrocław. Before World War II, there were over 300 of them. That is why tourists often call Wrocław the Venice of the North.

Marketing agency Wrocław

Wrocław - a city of sculptures of gnomes

There are already nearly 400 dwarfs in Wrocław. These famous figurines made Wrocław famous all over Europe. The first sculptures of Wrocław dwarfs were created in 2005. The origins of the idea, however, are earlier. In the 1980s, graffiti and the famous Orange Alternative alluded to dwarfs, thus giving their opposition to the rule in totalitarian Poland. Currently, Wrocław dwarfs have become an important point on the tourist map of Wrocław.

How we work

External PR

Online marketing

Positioning of websites

Graphic design

take care of your external image with us

Start communicating effectively with clients, business partners, media and public institutions. Bet on an image you can control. An image that works for your brand. See how we can help you stay in control. Marketing agency Wrocław or Commplace? Make the best choice. Ask us for an offer.

there are no secrets from us

Do you think that Katowice marketing agency will solve your problems? Your company is present on the web, but what makes it stand out from the competition? Why should a potential customer trust your brand? Thanks to our actions, he will find the right answers.

We will analyze all possibilities and create a path that will keep you one step ahead of the competition. Even the best marketing won't work if it doesn't reach the right audience. We will define your target group.

We will conduct effective marketing campaigns that meet the needs of your recipients. We will optimize the conversion, increasing sales. We will implement Google Ads, allowing you to gain more customers.

we will increase the visibility of your website on the web

You don't know how to get new customers? Your website is not generating traffic? Website positioning on the web is one of the most effective methods to build a strong brand. A marketing agency in Wrocław or Opole must operate effectively. What will we do for you?

First, we will audit the site and the marketplace. Thanks to this, we will assess the potential of the site. We will also optimize its operation. Then we will select key phrases, improving the results in the search ranking. We will create valuable content that will be optimized for the search engine. Finally - we will implement effective link building.

In this way, we will increase the visibility of your website on the web. This, in turn, will translate into more traffic. The relationship is simple. More visitors means more likely that your next customers will be among them.

we will distinguish your brand on the market

Do you want to enter the market with a new business? Do you care about creating a professional image of your company? Or maybe you want to refresh the identification, which today seems to be outdated and does not generate traffic? Don't let customers reject your offer because of this! Our graphic designers always have original ideas. But most importantly - they can implement them in the form of unconventional solutions.

We create projects that are memorable and consistent with your brand image. We combine creations with business goals. We design packaging and product labels. We will create a logo for you. We will refresh the layout of the store or website or design a new layout. Marketing agency Wrocław or Commplace? We don't vouch for others, but at Commplace we simply design media that engages.

PR Academy

The PR Commplace Agency is a unique place with its own training center in the Korona Karkonoszy Manor. The PR Academy we have created is a space for the development of your brand. Take advantage of our trainings and workshops. Acquire new knowledge and practical skills. Stay ahead of the competition. Achieve success.

We are a consulting company with its own conference and event center

We have already organized 1100 events. We specialize in organizing tailor-made events. The most popular are team building events, culinary tournaments and the Goldberg Machine. We also offer accommodation in unique apartments, lounges and rooms. Companies have at their disposal nearly 300 dishes and our brand of craft beer and coffee.

We have rooms with full equipment, allowing you to freely conduct training for smaller or larger groups.
We specialize in activities in the area of team building and scenario events. We invite.

B2B sales support workshops

We are aware that the most important aspect in any business is customer acquisition. Are you interested in B2B sales support? Take advantage of the PR Academy workshops conducted by our public relations experts.

Customer personalization. Generating online leads. Sales audit. These are just some of the topics that we discuss during the B2B sales support workshops. We are also going a step further. We present methods of finalizing the transaction. Ask us about the next available workshop date at the PR Academy.
Who are the workshops for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors of sales departments,
- traders,
- employees supporting the sales department.

Managing a company in crisis

Get ready for crisis management. Don't wait for a crisis to occur. Plan your activities with the PR COMMPLACE agency to stay in control of the situation. Sign up for a proprietary training program under the PR Academy conducted by our agency.

Contrary to appearances, the crisis does not break out only on Fridays after 4pm. It can happen any day. At any time. That is why it is so important to create an action plan. How? Our experts will answer this question during the crisis management training. Take advantage of the extensive experience of Commplace PR specialists. And in the event of an emergency - ask for immediate help.
Who is the program for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors,
- PR department employees.

Marketing agency Wrocław – why is it worth using its services?

Marketing plays a huge role in the business world. Without a solid marketing plan, the products or services necessary for sales success will go unnoticed among the competition. One of the most important elements of marketing is reaching the target with the sales message. This requires knowledge, skills and, above all, experience. Therefore, future-oriented and growing companies use the services of marketing agencies that offer a wide range of services related to marketing and advertising. What do they do marketing agencies Wroclaw and more?

Wrocław marketing company - what is worth knowing?

Marketing agencies are companies specializing in broadly understood marketing, including internet marketing and advertising. Thanks to the agency's ability to use the latest digital tools, the advertising campaign is more effective and its results are easier to measure and interpret.

Wrocław marketing agency offers support to its clients in the field of a wide range of marketing services. The basic ones include planning and implementing advertising campaigns - from strategic analysis to refined graphic and video designs. The agency also offers graphic and video design services for business cards, leaflets, folders and advertising banners, as well as logo design and positioning in search engines. Many years of experience in marketing as well as designing and implementing strategies for companies from various industries extend the list of marketing services offered by the agency.

What else do Wrocław marketing agencies offer?

In addition to services related to the creative design and implementation of campaigns, marketing agencies also offer support in the field of online sales. A big advantage of such support is increasing the visibility of the company on the Internet and enabling the message to reach specific groups of recipients. By creating a good image of the company, advertising campaigns carried out by the Wrocław marketing agency improve the business position both in the context of online and offline sales.

To sum up, the marketing agency from Wrocław offers many services that can significantly affect the development of the company. Choosing the right company should be based on experience, knowledge of the industry and good references.

Marketing agencies are an opportunity for satisfying business development, which is why it is also worth investing in creative advertising campaigns and well-thought-out marketing strategies.

Wroclaw marketing company - summary

Wrocław marketing agency offers comprehensive support for advertising projects, starting from the conceptual phase, through research and analysis of the market and a specific target group, to the full implementation of the advertising campaign. That is why it is worth considering the choice of a marketing agency, because it will certainly help the company in development. Properly planned advertising campaigns, good positioning in search engines and creating a positive image of the company will attract potential customers and verify the market trends that are interesting for your business.

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Good to know:

What is the Wrocław marketing agency?

Wrocław marketing agency helps companies in the region and beyond reach their target audience through strategic marketing campaigns. As the fourth largest city in Poland, Wrocław is an important business and technology hub, and marketing agencies there have experience in working with both international and local companies. Using its knowledge of the local market and culture, as well as broader digital marketing best practices, the Wroclaw marketing agency can help brands communicate effectively with the market and gain more customers in the city and surrounding areas.

What are the most important features of a good marketing agency in Wrocław?

A Wrocław marketing agency that understands the local business landscape and has experience working with companies in the region will be invaluable. She should have knowledge about Wroclaw's target audience and competing companies.

In addition, creativity is key to effective marketing, and the best agency will consist of a team of innovative designers, copywriters and strategists who will propose groundbreaking campaigns and generate interesting content. A Wroclaw marketing agency should have a proven track record of elevating brands and achieving impressive ROI for their clients. Technical knowledge of key tools and platforms is essential to execute modern marketing campaigns. The agency must therefore be proficient in social media marketing, SEO, email marketing and other relevant channels and tactics. It should be up to date with the latest trends and best practices.

How to find a good marketing agency in Wrocław?

The Wroclaw marketing agency should be able to work effectively with clients, understand their needs, report on campaign performance and deal with any problems or changes immediately when it receives such a signal. The perfect marketing agency from Wroclaw combines knowledge of the local market, creative talent, technical skills and great project management, which allows it to achieve real results for its clients. Thanks to a data-driven approach and constant focus on ROI, working with such an entity can have a huge impact on the success of a brand.

How to check if the Wrocław marketing agency is a good choice?

If you are looking for a marketing agency in Wrocław, it is worth focusing on a few important issues that will help you choose the best one. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the experience and professionalism of the team that will work on your campaign. References and opinions of other clients of the agency are also important - it is worth looking for comments on the Internet or asking directly at the agency. It is also important that the agency is open to conversation and willing to answer any questions. Ultimately, a Wrocław marketing agency that will understand your business goals and be able to propose effective marketing activities tailored to your business should be a good choice. Choosing a marketing agency is a key decision for your business, so it's worth spending some time carefully checking whether the company you want to cooperate with is a good choice.

What are examples of activities of a marketing agency in Wrocław?

Marketing agencies in Wrocław undertake many activities that effectively attract customers and increase sales. One example may be an advertising campaign based on the deliberate selection of keywords and phrases, which increases the reach of customer-related content in search engines. Another effective tool is the use of social media to contact potential customers through the distribution of valuable content, competitions and promotional campaigns. Marketing agencies in Wrocław also offer an analysis of the market as well as the behavior and preferences of their clients, which allows to better tailor the offer to the needs. These are just a few examples of marketing activities that support the development of businesses in Wrocław and prove that they are effective marketing strategy is the key to success.

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