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marketing agency Wroclaw

Marketing agency Wrocław. We are a marketing agency - experts in online marketing, brand building, market expansion, sales support, website positioning, ADS campaign and communication strategy.
We have our own team of analysts - specializing in marketing services for companies.

We are the only marketing agency with its own training and event center with hotel facilities. We have our own team of chefs and food marketing specialists.

Selected services:

SEO - Polish and international market

We build strong brands

Communication strategy

Reach the right audience

Google Ads

Get high ranking on Google

A strong brand

Increase in brand recognition
The company's expansion strategy into the Polish and foreign markets - an effective marketing campaign.

We build communication and expansion strategies based on the synergy effect: PR - SEO - ADS on Polish and foreign markets.

We have proprietary marketing solutions We build dedicated sales support solutions based on indicators.

EXPANSION - communication strategy - analysis

The first stage of expansion is a comparative analysis of the market, competition, products and services. Analysis of competitors' activities on the Polish and foreign markets, their product, sales and marketing strategy. It is also important to analyze the specificity of a given market, regulations, customer demographic profiles or cultural differences. This stage of the communication strategy is considered the most important by many specialists.

EXPANSION - communication strategy - tools

In the first stage of expansion, it is important to develop and implement tools in the areas of: online marketing, e-PR and the entire area of trade marketing. The most effective solutions include group of SEO and ADS tools and derivatives. This stage of the company's expansion strategy on foreign markets assumes the implementation of such solutions to manage exports, without incurring huge costs related to a local investment (offices, warehouses, etc.).

EXPANSION - Communication strategy - automation and parametrization

One of the biggest challenges is the parameterization of indicators in the area of foreign expansion, especially marketing. All our solutions are based on a number of indicators tailored to the nature of foreign expansion.
We have our own analytical solutions in the area of marketing and sales support.

Creating a brand strategy for your company brings out the characteristic features of your products and services, tailored to the specificity of the recipients. So that it can offer your target audience an important and compelling promise. Who will do it best? marketing agency Wrocław - focus on effectiveness.

ADS, SEO, PR, WWW for companies with Wroclaw

When thinking about expansion in Poland and abroad, your company can benefit from many marketing solutions. It is important to use solutions such as Real Time Marketing in the first stage. Be able to revise tools and solutions in real time.

An effective sales campaign for your products and services in Wrocław, Lower Silesia, all over Poland and on international markets we will help you gain leads and new clients.

An effective marketing strategy in Wrocław and other markets we will help you build the recognition of your products, services and brand.

Your company will be introduced to completely new recipients - we are looking for market niches for your products and services.

We will become for your company not only a provider of marketing services. We will be your strategic partner on the way to financial success

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B2B Marketing

How to effectively reach business customers? Is it worth building a strong brand in B2B? How should effective B2B marketing work in practice?

Reference Marketing

70 percent of consumers make decisions influenced by references or recommendations. Do your clients recommend your services?

HR + PR = Employer Branding

Your company's reputation today has measurable importance on the market. Are you ready to become a better employer? Employer branding strategy is an obligation.

Customer lifetime value (CLV)

Are you following your customers carefully enough? Do you know what value they have for your business? Change the way you think about customer acquisition.

Internal communication

Good communication in the organization means measurable financial benefits. Its lack is a waste of opportunities and potential - can your company afford it?

Crisis management

The crisis is inevitable. When will you appear, will you fight the crisis or for the company's survival?

COMMPLACE a modern marketing agency

25 years of experience.
Support for 300 brands.
Over 1000 events
Proprietary solutions in marketing.

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A non-standard range of communication and sales support services. Our consulting offer is always individualized.

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We only present solutions that our clients need and are able to implement. We deliver specific, measurable results.

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marketing agency Wroclaw

Show us what your business goals are. Commplace experts will indicate possible solutions that will maximize the expected results. We have effective solutions.

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We examine the demographic profiles of your customers, determine what your potential customers are looking for, what are the desired features of the products on a given foreign market. Yes, to choose complementary solutions that will allow you to achieve success. Check what proposals we will prepare for you.

marketing agency Wroclaw

Wrocław - the city of 100 bridges

Wrocław is associated by many as the city of 100 bridges. Currently, there are over 100 bridges and footbridges in Wrocław. Before World War II, there were over 300 of them. That is why tourists often call Wrocław the Venice of the North.

Wrocław - a city of sculptures of gnomes

There are already nearly 400 dwarfs in Wrocław. These famous figurines made Wrocław famous all over Europe. The first sculptures of Wrocław dwarfs were created in 2005. The origins of the idea, however, are earlier. In the 1980s, graffiti and the famous Orange Alternative alluded to dwarfs, thus giving their opposition to the rule in totalitarian Poland. Currently, Wrocław dwarfs have become an important point on the tourist map of Wrocław.

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