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Heading structure

Heading structure – why use it?

Heading structure


The structure of headings is intended to properly present the content. Using an appropriate heading structure increases clarity pages and makes the information more readable, and thus the recipient is more willing to use it. The appropriate structure of headings influences the optimization of a website, which translates into high search results.

Structure of headlines – interesting facts

Headings are visible fragments of text, defined using HTML code. The structure of headings is responsible for organizing the text so that it does not constitute one string merged together. Besides, headlines play a fundamental role in website positioning.

Struktura nagłówków ułatwia nawigację oraz poruszanie się po zawartości strony. Pomaga  zdecydowanie szybciej dotrzeć do interesujących czytelnika informacji, ale co równie ważne – poprawia pozycje w SEO. Struktura nagłówków, ich czytelny układ, dostępność i występowanie słów kluczowych, są bardzo dobrze postrzegane przez roboty Google, które to decydują o wysokiej lub niskiej pozycji danego tekstu.

Heading structure – the most important information

The structure of headings is nothing more than their appropriate hierarchy. Maintaining a certain order and sequence is very important here. At the highest level there are h1 headings - this is how the title of the article is marked. The lowest headings are h6. Most often, however, we deal with higher-level headings, such as h2-h3. The lower ones appear much less frequently in the text, although they can also be found there.

In HTML, headings are translated as tags. The h1 heading is the highest in the hierarchy. It is very important that it does not appear in the text more than once, which is why it is often treated as a title or name of a category. It depends primarily on the website on which it is located. The remaining headings can be used more often, there are no hard limits here. Texts are most often expanded to level h3. The order is important, after the h1 header we use the h2 header, only after it the h3 can appear and so on.

The structure of headings is of great importance for website optimization. It is recommended to use keywords, especially in the h1 header, but it should be done in a natural way, without unnecessary stuffing and overloading of content. The key to success is concise headlines that catch the reader's attention and clearly describe the content of the paragraph below.


The structure of headings is extremely important for a website because it clearly presents the hierarchy of the content contained on it. Headers make the page more readable and the recipient is able to quickly find the information they are interested in. Moreover, thanks to headlines, the website is better perceived by algorithms and its position in search results increases.

The correct structure of headings is a huge support for SEO, so their appropriate hierarchy should be followed. Dividing the text into headings allows for faster and better perception of its content, both by the reader and the robots. A high result in search engines is another argument for taking care of the appropriate structure of headings. Dividing the text into headings also offers other benefits. It will be easier for the recipient to reach those fragments of text that are currently interesting to them, already from the search engine level. After entering the desired phrase, it will be redirected directly to the appropriate place in the text.

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