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Product description

Product description – words have power

Product description


Product description is text usually included in online store, describing what exactly a given product is. The product description contains information about the product itself, but also an incentive to purchase. The better the product description, written in the language of benefits, the greater the probability that the customer will buy it. This is especially important because the product description replaces the possibility of seeing it live. Therefore, it must be as suggestive as possible.

Product description – interesting facts

Good product descriptions are incredibly valuable. Thanks to them, you can increase your rating Web page, improve reach, website traffic and search results. Of course, unique and unique product descriptions have the greatest value. They attract the most attention. There are no shortcuts - under no circumstances can you copy other descriptions. Such action brings very negative consequences. An equally big mistake is the lack of product descriptions on the store's website. The photo itself - even the best one - is unfortunately insufficient.

The product description is of great importance because it replaces the customer's ability to see and touch the item, as is the case in a stationary store. Not every online store owner is aware that the product description is almost as important as its price. A good description should be interesting. He should not praise the product excessively. It is important to indicate its functionality. The language of benefits plays an important role in writing product descriptions. This form of communication most accurately reaches customers and allows you to achieve the intended goals. In this case – sales.  

Product description – the most important information

What should a good product description look like? A good product description should have an appropriate structure and a clear message. The description should use simple language that clearly appeals to customers, without unnecessary duplication of technical data from the manufacturer's instructions. The product description also requires the use of correct Polish. Any linguistic or stylistic errors are unacceptable, so it is worth checking the finished description carefully before publication, and it is best to ask another person to check it.

To make the product description clear to the consumer, it should consist of short and factual sentences; however, it is not recommended to use multiple sentences. Also, too many adjectives, instead of helping, make reading and understanding the entire message difficult. What counts in a product description is conciseness and the ability to convey the most important information in a simple and clear way. You should list the most important features of the product, indicate the specific advantages that its purchase will bring, and finally - list the benefits of owning the indicated item.

Product descriptions should correspond to reality. Any falsehoods will be to the seller's disadvantage. Each product should be described reliably and present all its advantages in a positive way. The most important and strongest features of the product should be mentioned first, and at the end it is worth mentioning the additional benefits and advantages of having it. You can also include information about additional accessories, the so-called complementary products available in the store.


A product description in an online store is necessary to provide customers with the most important information about a given product. A good and reliable product description replaces the ability to directly see or touch the purchased item, so it must be clear and comprehensive. The product description should not duplicate the manufacturer's information, but complement it in a way that is easily digestible for the customer. The product description will be best received if we divide it into paragraphs, use eye-catching subheadings, bold the sentences containing the most important content, and add graphics to all this.   

It is worth adapting the product description to your target group, i.e. to a specific customer profile. Thanks to this, he will have the impression that a given description was created and directed especially for him. This way, the recipient will certainly remember the brand and will most likely choose it again.

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