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Key data

  • 5 prepared press releases
  • 100 hours of talks with the media
  • 2 157 109 recipients of media messages
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Customer story

The Etisoft company has been present on the Polish market for over 20 years.

Its main area of specialization is the production of modern industrial markings and Auto ID systems tailored to the individual requirements of users. On a daily basis, the company provides various types of labels, label printers and AMR robots. However, the crisis related to the epidemic was an impulse to use existing technologies, knowledge and machinery in the fight against coronavirus.

As a result, in March 2020 ETISOFT created innovative MASTICK adhesive masks. Launching a new product on the market was also an opportunity to develop another product category - ETISOFT PERSONAL PROTECTION.


Introducing a new product to the Polish market and presenting it to a wide audience (media, individual customers, wholesale customers).

Increased brand awareness and interest in MASTICK self-adhesive masks.
Increase in visits to the online store and the regular acquisition of inquiries.



The implementation of the new product was another opportunity to present Etisoft as a brand that not only actively participates in changes on the market, but also becomes their creator.

This is consistent with the current image, which is based on the following pillars: professionalism, extensive knowledge of new technologies, proactivity.

These values can be seen in all Etisoft activities. Bearing in mind the above values, we used tools and activities that perfectly fit into the framework of the previous activities: well-thought-out communication with the media, optimization of the store in terms of SEO and the Google Ads campaign.

Introducing a new product to the market - media activities

How to introduce a new product to the market? By planning appropriate communication. PR agency he knows it perfectly well.

We based our marketing communication on the presentation of the innovativeness of the Polish solution, referring to the current image of the brand - a specialist offering services and products in the field of new technologies. The effect we were striving for was to increase the awareness of the existence of the product on the market.

The prepared message was addressed to a wide range of recipients of the Etisoft offer - both companies, state institutions and individual users of masks. The Commplace press team was in intensive contact with key editorial offices. The messages were distributed to individual groups of media: nationwide, regional and industry (cosmetic, medical, logistics) divided into: television, radio, press and Internet portals.

As a result, the media message reached as many as 2,157,109 people, and publications and mentions appeared on television, radio, printed press and on Internet portals. We reached such titles as: Teleexpress, Radio Eska, Dobry TVN, Dziennik Zachodni.

Introducing a new product to the market - SEO and Google Ads activities

Media activities are only an element of our strategy that increases the awareness of the product. The message was strengthened by SEO and Google Ads activities, which allowed us to reach people who were initially interested in the offer and entered appropriate phrases in the Google search engine.

Our SEO department audited the online store and analyzed the keywords that interested potential recipients of the product. As a result, a detailed plan was created, thanks to which, step by step, individual guidelines were implemented, which allowed to maximize the traffic in the online store. A properly designed Google Ads campaign, based on graphic materials, catchy slogans and selected phrases, complemented the activities directing the recipient to the virtual store.

As a result, a potential user entering one of the phrases important to us found the offer of masks.

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