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Event agency Szklarska Poreba

We are an event company that deals with the organization of innovative events for employees, companies and individuals throughout Poland.

We have own training and event center. We specialize in organizing events tailored to the company's profile. How does the Szklarska Poręba event agency work? We don't know that :) Commplace offers comprehensive support - from the idea to its implementation. We have our own team of chefs, and in the menu of our facility you will find a wide selection of dishes, created in accordance with the idea of slow food.

Selected services:


organize an unforgettable event with us!


don't put it off for "better times"!


have fun the way you like!

Needs analysis

we will meet your expectations!
"Every job is good as long as it is done well" - Albert Einstein

Event agency Szklarska Poręba? We will organize an event that will make your employees love what they do again.

We organize events at the highest level. We create innovative and modern events. We get to know the company's needs and… we act.
The full organization of the event is on our side!

Organisation of events

Szklarska Poręba event agency does not meet your expectations? We deal with the comprehensive organization of events tailored to the needs of a modern client. We have over 1000 events for companies from all over Poland behind us. Our specialty is the organization of the event from diagnosing the client's needs, through presenting appropriate solutions, to their implementation. Our events will be remembered for years!

Own facilities

Our event company has its own facilities. The Korona Karkonoszy Manor is an extraordinary facility, located right next to Karpacz, with comprehensive and modern equipment. Each room is decorated in an eclectic style. We offer a wide selection of dishes, the possibility of accommodation for up to 100 people, as well as our own brand of craft beer, coffee and preserves. Do you already know why it is worth working with us?

Tailored events

Bearing in mind the dynamically changing reality - our events are organized in accordance with the brief. We are here to make customers' dreams come true. Are you dreaming of an off-road trip to the mountains? Or maybe you want to see Karpacz from a bird's eye view? Are you thinking about an event with famous characters in the background? Nothing is impossible for us! Check what we can offer you.

Tailored events

Event agency: Szklarska Poręba, meet an expert in corporate events

Event agency Szklarska Poręba? Our activities include full diagnostics of our clients' needs. We set directions for action and together we strive to achieve the right goal.

Our task is to integrate employees using appropriately selected tools. We are also experts in organizing tailor-made corporate events. We will increase the commitment of your employees.

Event company - choose a professional solution

An event company will allow you to organize an integration event at the highest level. You set the goal and directions of action. Our task is to achieve the desired result.

We have our own accommodation and catering facilities, thanks to which we offer full service for the event. We work with companies and institutions from all over Poland. Thanks to this, we organize unforgettable attractions.

Organization of events Szklarska Poręba - we are what you are looking for

Are you dreaming of organizing an event, but you don't have time? Did you know that partying will take a lot of energy? That's what we are for! The event company will identify the needs, select the appropriate tools and make the event unique.

We cooperate with experienced producers as well as enthusiasts - who love their work. Creative scenarios are our domain. With us you will generate memories for many years!

Creating events with character helps in team buliding.
This is a great way to integrate employees as well as tie them to your company.

What does it offer Szklarska Poręba event agency?
We speak for ourselves - we plan, you enjoy a successful event.

Event agency Szklarska Poreba

Perfectly organized event it can strengthen the position of your brand on the market and build a positive opinion around your company among potential employees.

An event company will help you set the goals of the event and organize it in such a way that it will become an unforgettable event. Trust us.
You only have one task to do - have fun!

Event agency Szklarska Poręba? Check us out!

Culinary events, academies and cooking schools

Over 30 types of scenario events - balls, banquets, tournaments

Tailor-made events - a dedicated supervisor, Coordinator,

Bet on cooperation with a supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of organizing events. And have fun.

Event agency Szklarska Poręba?

Over 1000 events, cooperation with the largest companies and proprietary solutions in the field of event organization - use our services.
Meet our event agency!

Meet Commplace

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An offer tailored to your needs.
Efficiency is key.
Check us out.

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A non-standard range of communication and sales support services. Our consulting offer is always individualized.

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We only present solutions that our clients need and are able to implement. We deliver specific, measurable results.

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We have a dedicated offer for you.

Event agency Szklarska Poręba?

We organize tailor-made events. Our strength is: passion, love for entertainment and listening to customers' needs!

We offer preliminary consultations before the organization of the event. Our specialists are also enthusiasts who know how to meet customer expectations.

Event agency Szklarska Poreba

The organization of events is in our blood!

We have the organization of events in our DNA. We have full accommodation, catering and know-how facilities. We know what is hot and why it is worth integrating employees. We know the rules prevailing in corporations and smaller companies - and thanks to this, we are able to prepare events that are maximally tailored to the needs of our clients.

Karpacz and its surroundings within easy reach

Event agency Szklarska Poręba? We we organize events for clients all over Poland. We have an attractive Event Center near Karpacz, which captivates not only with its appearance. Its functionality allows us to organize events even for the most demanding customers.

Get to know the Karkonosze and discover their secrets

The mysterious Karkonosze Mountains attract thousands of tourists from all over Poland. Event agency: Szklarska Poręba do you need a change? We help during integration events to discover, among others nooks of the Giant Mountains. The main attractions include a flight over the mountains, hiking and biking tours, as well as survival training under the supervision of specialists.

How we work

An event company - how can you be sure it's the right one? The ever-increasing requirements of today's employees make companies outdo each other in ideas for original events. Thus, they are looking for alternatives to standard meetings in conference rooms or commercial restaurants. The solution is to cooperate with a professional agency. An event company will help in the organization of extraordinary events in Szklarska Poręba, as well as throughout Poland. For the agency to be professional, it should have an appropriate website where you will find all the services it offers, as well as all the necessary information. Will the Szklarska Poręba event agency guarantee you the organization of events at the highest level? We will do our best! How can our event company help you? Does the Szklarska Poręba event agency have the appropriate experience? During our operation, we have organized over 1000 events, we have our own facility near Karpacz. We offer many different dishes in our menu. We specialize in team building - we will prepare a scenario tailored to your needs. Event agency Szklarska Poręba? We will help in the professional organization of events throughout the country Will the Szklarska Poręba event agency help you organize professional events for your company's employees? Organization of corporate events Szklarska Poręba or Wrocław - we are effective everywhere. As an event company, we are responsible for the comprehensive organization of the event. Companies from all over Poland have trusted us. Our domain is: it is possible! We offer cooking workshops with famous chefs, survival tours, and rides in mountainous areas. Are you dreaming of a sightseeing flight? Nothing is impossible for us! We also take care of our guests' palates. Our specialty is the SLOW FOOD kitchen. In the menu you will find a range of dishes that are personalized and tailored to the needs of our customers. How to check our effectiveness? We have over 4,500 written references as well as 5,500 media publications! Organization of events Szklarska Poręba, Wrocław, Warsaw - events are simply our specialty. Organization of integration events Szklarska Poręba How does the Szklarska Poręba event agency work? We organize events for both large corporations and smaller companies. The scenarios tailored to the expectations are an important point. The event company provides not only a ready-made scheme, but also the right tools. Examples of scenarios we have are: How does the Szklarska Poręba event agency work? We provide over 50 event scenarios that are tailored to the needs of individual groups. How to evaluate the effectiveness of an event agency? Our event company organizes events at the highest level. The opinions of satisfied customers are the confirmation. During our operation on the market, we organized events for companies from all over Poland. The strength of the recommendation is so great that the organization of Szklarska Poręba events is also our specialty. The best proof of the effectiveness of the actions taken are the companies we work with every year. Szklarska Poręba event agency - check if you are dealing with professionals How can you find a reliable event agency? First of all, after the number of satisfied customers. Organization of Szklarska Poręba events has no secrets for us. Our domain is a professional approach to customer needs. At the beginning, we identify the company's needs, brainstorming - it allows us to come up with innovative scenarios. Our ranks include experienced producers as well as committed people with passion. We also provide care during the event so that the client feels maximum commitment from our agency. Organization of corporate events Szklarska Poręba - be innovative Will the Szklarska Poręba event agency help you organize an event fit for the 21st century? We not only follow trends - we create them! Therefore, you will find tailor-made events here. Culinary workshops? Approx! Airplane flight over mountainous terrain? You're welcome! Eco workshops with a make-up artist? This is also not a problem for us. Our passion is cooking. We offer our customers tasting regional dishes, as well as taking advantage of the rich offer of slow cuisine - which is extremely fashionable and popular. In addition, we have our own beer - handcrafted products are very popular among people from all over Poland. We also win with a great culinary offer - the places recommended by us use only natural and proven ingredients. Event agency Szklarska Poręba? check us out Organizing team-building events in Szklarska Poręba requires appropriate experience. An individual approach to such events and a given group of employees is also important. We operate out of love for events. We are professionals, but also enthusiasts. All this makes the events we organize unique. Years of practice and following the trends make us specialists in organizing top-shelf events!

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