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Treść główna

Remote work is gaining in popularity minute by minute. The number of people who have never met their employer or colleagues in real life is increasing. Still, as many as 84% people prefer to meet in person. Looks like it's worth it. Statistics show that 28% transactions will be lost, if your contact will be based solely on the online relationship. There is also another reason. For every 10.43 ideas generated during an online meeting there are 13.36 ideas from "real" communication.

Organizing corporate events pays off

Company party it's not just fun. Off-site meetings also include training, conferences and seminars. What benefits does the company gain? All these forms of meetings are very effective communication tools - both internally and externally. Office party they are also an excellent opportunity to establish or expand your network and to meet clients, colleagues and other professionals in person.

Company events in the mountains

What if you go ... to the Karkonosze Mountains? We have a unique advantage - the event hotel Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, located in the heart of the mountains. Did you know that personal interactions guarantee a higher value of ideas. Those invented together while having fun will be on average 3% more original and 17% more flexible than those whose originators do not meet physically. Our Stylish Conference Center consists of several training rooms. Depending on your needs, they can accommodate from a dozen to 170 people. Are you looking for something really special? You're in the right place. All events are tailor-made. Our clients are our best showcase. Proof? We have already received over 4,500 written references. Check why they trusted us.

What can you expect when organizing an event with us?

During over 25 years, since we organize corporate events for the most demanding clients, we have learned to implement even the craziest ideas. What type of attractions have we created so far? M. in .:

● culinary tournament - a company duel for flavors,
● fairy-tale helicopter flight - Karkonosze seen from the bird's eye view,
● Goldberg machine - team building On advanced level,
● survival workshops, regional crafts, coffee brewing, etc.
● treasure hunt,
● criminal riddles of the Giant Mountains.

Be inspired by our experience

It's not always easy to get employees to work together as part of a team. After all, the only reason everyone gathers in the same place every day is because you hired them. Integration events it's a great way to address a lack of team cohesion. That is why we provide you with so many opportunities and various activities - from dumpling-making workshops to company sports Olympics. Also, remember that your product or service can solve your customers' problem. Organizing events where you make them aware will not only satisfy their needs. It will provide them with a positive experience that will be positively associated with your brand in the future.

We support b2b opportunities

A huge benefit of attending corporate events is the increase in business opportunities. Meeting with decision-makers of many companies in one place is certainly a good way to establish cooperation - for mutual benefits. Joint ventures, tightening contacts with current clients, acquiring new partners. Organization of corporate events it enables a lot of things that will contribute to the development of your business.

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