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Organization of corporate events

Over 1000 events

· Own facility near Karpacz
· Event configurator
300 dishes to choose from
· Specialization: team building
Own brand of craft beer
Own brand of premium coffee
· Events in Poland and abroad

Organizing corporate events in Katowice - it can be a huge challenge. But not for an experienced event agency. She knows how to do it creatively and how to achieve your goals.

Bet on cooperation with experienced specialists who will help you plan your budget, choose the right place for the event, prepare invitations, provide attractions, and present scenarios tailored to your needs.

Introduce us to your KPIs. We rely on our experience. We are happy when goals are measurable. Organization of corporate events - Katowice or any other city - is our specialty.

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Budgeting the event

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tailored to your needs

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Comprehensive organization of corporate events in Katowice

Outsourcing event planning from an event agency will save you a lot of time and trouble. It will also allow you to focus on your business priorities.

Organization of corporate events Katowice

The organization of corporate events requires a 360-degree approach. In order to professionally perform the task, you should start with a comprehensive needs study. We check what event your employees dream about, and then we select the appropriate tools to achieve the set goals.

Tailored events

Organization of corporate events Katowice? This is the specialty of event agencies. From idea through proper implementation. The task of the event agency is to adapt the event to the expectations of employees, as well as to the requirements of the employer. A picnic, conference or banquet are just some of the possible options.

Support at every stage

Organization of corporate events Katowice - this vision scares you? Are you worried about the enormity of the challenges? A specialized event agency will help you meet the task. From verifying the needs of employees, through choosing the right place for a meeting, to being present at the event and ensuring that the event is held at the highest level.

Support at every stage

Always on time

By using the services of a professional event agency, you can be sure that you will always receive help on time. The event agency will choose for you several suggestions for places, menus, and additional attractions.

Get peace of mind that your event is planned down to the last detail well in advance!


What is a good event agency? This one organizes events in a professional manner. It starts with verifying the participants' needs. The next step is to set KPIs, as well as to determine the form of the meeting.

Scenarios tailored to the needs are also an important factor. Organizing corporate events in Katowice is a huge challenge. We can meet it.


You don't have time to organize events? Are you worried about the enormity of problems related to such an event? Organizing corporate events in Katowice is much faster when you have professionals at hand.

Trust people who have known what they are doing for years. And they do it very well.

Organization of corporate events Katowice - do it only with proven partners.
The bigger the offer - the better. A good event agency has in its portfolio the organization of truly epic events.

Organization of corporate events Katowice

Organization of corporate events Katowice is the specialty of an experienced event agency. Our portfolio includes over 1,000 completed events, as well as nearly 180 trips abroad. Since 1996, we have been helping companies to create events tailored to the needs of modern employees.

Organization of events corporate Katowice

Organization of events in a unique place, inaccessible to everyone

Events are the purest form of genuine brand engagement. Are you not interested in template solutions? You've come to the right place.

We are on site, constantly watching and checking every detail

See for yourself how much we can do for you.

Tailor-made events - a dedicated supervisor, Coordinator,

Bet on cooperation with a supplier of comprehensive solutions in the field of organizing events. And have fun.

Organization of corporate events Katowice

Why should you consider outsourcing? It is quite possible that your company simply does not have the necessary internal knowledge and creativity to create an event of the required quality and reputation.
An event agency has both of these features. In addition, outsourcing when organizing corporate events means that your internal resources remain available for your ongoing projects and core tasks.

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Organization of corporate events Katowice

An event agency will help you organize an event at the highest level.

We specialize in various topics of workshops with famous people, as well as sports competitions. It is worth using the help of the best.

Organization of corporate events Katowice

How can an event agency help you? The company deals with the comprehensive creation of events. The event agency's task is to learn about the clients' needs and then to carry out creative corporate events. As part of its activities, the agency helps to create a strategy and makes sure that the event is at the highest level.

The event agency deals with the comprehensive organization of events in the field of creation and implementation. The group of specialists includes experts who analyze the needs of employees and on this basis select the appropriate tools for the organization of events. For over 25 years of activity in the industry, we have managed to develop a network of contacts, thanks to which we guarantee our customers attractive terms of cooperation.

Organization of corporate events Katowice

Katowice - the heart of Silesia

In the strategic communication for the Katowice brand, emphasis is placed on the ability to surprise. The positioning of Katowice as a metropolitan city, with strong Silesian and post-industrial roots, and at the same time open and focused on continuous development, acts as a magnet for multidimensionality and "otherness" as promotional distinguishing features of Katowice.

Katowice - among the stars

Claim of the city Katowice. For a change is an invitation to a city characterized by a "genetic" ability to constantly transform. Katowice is a city ready to follow modernity with dynamism and panache.

Katowice - the city of avant-garde

Katowice is a city with great "alternative" potential. This is where alternative music, visual arts and audiovisual arts flourish.

The Big Idea of Katowice is the integration of three attributes of the Katowice brand: metropolitan character, heritage and alternative, with an emphasis on searching for innovative, surprising solutions in all areas of the city's functioning.

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An event agency that has been successfully operating on the market for many years will help you in the comprehensive organization of events at the highest level. The experienced agency has organized several hundred events. These are aimed at both young workers and a slightly older generation. The agency has a personalized offer for each client.

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A corporate event in the best hands!

The organization of corporate events in Katowice is included in the services of an event agency. Thematic company meetings are the perfect idea for a successful integration. The agency prepares its own concept of operation, it can also implement clients' ideas. The event agency advises, creates budgets, works according to established schedules. You can be sure that everything will be on time.

See the offer!

Our projects prove us!

We have been operating on the Polish market since 1996. Well-organized events are the measure of the company's success. We are constantly developing our business with new branches and industries. We have over 1,000 organized events on our account. We provide full support in the organization of the event, as well as assistance in its promotion.

From a to Z

You will spread your wings with us!

Due to the continuous development of the agency, the agency is constantly looking for experienced employees. Organizing corporate events in Katowice or any other city is a huge challenge, but also great fun. When working with events, you learn to multitask. We will show you how to work on budgets, as well as how to comprehensively organize an event.

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PR Academy

The PR Commplace Agency is a unique place with its own training center in the Korona Karkonoszy Manor. The PR Academy we have created is a space for the development of your brand. Take advantage of our trainings and workshops. Acquire new knowledge and practical skills. Stay ahead of the competition. Achieve success.

We are a consulting company with its own conference and event center

We have already organized 1100 events. We specialize in organizing tailor-made events. The most popular are team building events, culinary tournaments and the Goldberg Machine. We also offer accommodation in unique apartments, lounges and rooms. Companies have at their disposal an extensive menu of dishes and our brand of craft beer and coffee.

We have rooms with full equipment, allowing you to freely conduct training for smaller or larger groups.
We specialize in activities in the area of team building and scenario events. We invite.

B2B sales support workshops

We are aware that the most important aspect in any business is customer acquisition. Are you interested in B2B sales support? Take advantage of the PR Academy workshops conducted by our public relations experts.

Customer personalization. Generating online leads. Sales audit. These are just some of the topics that we discuss during the B2B sales support workshops. We are also going a step further. We present methods of finalizing the transaction. Ask us about the next available workshop date at the PR Academy.
Who are the workshops for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors of sales departments,
- traders,
- employees supporting the sales department.

Managing a company in crisis

Get ready for crisis management. Don't wait for a crisis to occur. Plan your activities with the PR COMMPLACE agency to stay in control of the situation. Sign up for a proprietary training program under the PR Academy conducted by our agency.

Contrary to appearances, the crisis does not break out only on Fridays after 4pm. It can happen any day. At any time. That is why it is so important to create an action plan. How? Our experts will answer this question during the crisis management training. Take advantage of the extensive experience of Commplace PR specialists. And in the event of an emergency - ask for immediate help.
Who is the program for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors,
- PR department employees.

Organization of corporate events Katowice

Organization of corporate events Katowice it requires a huge commitment as well as the coordination of many activities at one time. Organization of integration events is a challenge for companies. There are special event agencies on the market that have the appropriate competence to comprehensively deal with the organization of corporate events. Organization of events for companies it is also the stress that each individual must face. What should you remember about? About choosing a place, food and drinks, decorations, accommodation of guests and providing transport. These are only some of the essential elements of each event.

Everyone wants to organization of corporate events - Katowice or Gdańsk - it was an enjoyable job. It doesn't always look like this. The organizer must be prepared for various events - from bad weather, through a change in the number of participants, to injuries or changes in training speakers. It is worth planning an event in many ways. Also remember that something as unpredictable as rain can significantly frustrate your plans. Choose a place that will be universal as well as interesting for the participants. Don't forget about the attractions.

Organization of corporate events Katowice. How to prepare a budget?

Organization of corporate events Katowice? It should be multi-stage in every city. Polish companies organize events not only for employees, but also for their families. The events are networking and team building events. The first step to organization of corporate events Katowice was at the right level, there is an appropriate budget. What should the cost estimate include? At the beginning, it is worth considering where it will be held company partyas well as how many people will take part in it. Many companies convert costs per employee - which definitely facilitates budgeting.

The next step is choosing a place. If you have the right budget organization of company events, Katowice or Szczecin - the place does not matter. With large budgets, companies often choose guesthouses in the mountains, which offer unlimited possibilities. However - if you do not have adequate cash in your resources - you need to look for more budget options. Many companies do not want to deviate from the standards and decide to shorten the duration of the event. Organization of corporate events therefore requires careful budgeting. If you do not know how to do it - use the help of an event agency.

Organization of integration events for companies - how to choose a meeting place?

Organization of integration events for companies it is quite a challenge. Once you've decided on a budget, choose a suitable meeting location. Many companies decide to integrate away. Why? It is an amazing adventure for employees. The very journey to the selected hotel is a suitable opportunity for integration. According to the study by, as much as 67 percent. employees like a team-building meeting. These can be dinners, barbecues or training sessions. 59 percent is of the opinion that companies should regularly organize integration trips.

Organization of integration events for companies it is also associated with the provision of appropriate attractions. Nearly every second respondent thinks that team workshops are perfect. How to choose a place for a meeting? Much depends on your budget. Organization of corporate events Katowice? The event can take place in a local restaurant or any hotel of your choice. Polish companies much more often choose hotels in our country than organizing trips abroad. Most often they are one-day events, less often two-day or three-day events. Choose a place that suits the nature of your employees.

Organization of corporate events Katowice. How much is it?

Organization of corporate events Katowice - how much can an event cost for employees? Much depends on the needs of a given company, as well as the employees themselves. Some companies choose modest dinners in a smaller group. For others organization of corporate events - Katowice or another city - it must be at the highest level. With the current level of inflation, it is difficult to diagnose the costs of holding a corporate event. What do they really depend on? The first and most important point is the number of participants. It is logical that less money will be allocated to an event for 20 people than for 400.

Another element is the choice of form and place. Organization of corporate events Katowice can choose from different faces. If you bet on dinner - then the cost will be room rental, food and drinks. In the case of trips outside the city, travel and additional attractions must be added. Specialized units in their offers have scenarios tailored to the needs of customers.

Organization of large corporate events and scenarios

Organization of large corporate events requires having a special script. Organization of large corporate events takes place in several stages. The first issue is choosing the right surface. For this purpose, hotels that have the possibility of organizing a large ball will be perfect. What scenarios are hot? If your employees love to have fun, choose an old-fashioned ball. Guests dress up as noblemen and noblewomen, and are entertained by music in a convivial style.

What other scenarios are popular? For people who love being active event agency organized sports events. These can be survival workshops or a joint search for adventures. Sports competition can be a great complement to the event.

Organization of corporate events Katowice? Only with professionals

Why do so many people choose event agencies? Organization of corporate events Katowice or Gdynia - if it is done in cooperation with professionals, the company does not have to worry about anything. He receives comprehensive help from people who organize hundreds or even thousands of events at the highest level every day. Organization of corporate events Katowice? It can be a truly successful event. Provided that it is in the hands of professionals. The domain of event agencies are unlimited possibilities. Are you dreaming of adrenaline attractions? The agency will provide them. Do you want to treat the board to a helicopter flight? You're welcome.

Organization of corporate events Katowice with people who deal with event planning on a daily basis, it ensures the success of the entire project.

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