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Organisation of events

Over 1000 events

· Own facility near Karpacz
· Event configurator
300 dishes to choose from
· Specialization: team building
Own brand of craft beer
Own brand of premium coffee
· Events in Poland and abroad

We provide professional service for corporate events. Organizing events Krakow requires extraordinary meticulousness, knowledge, experience and having the right experts. For years, we have been helping business clients achieve their goals. We have nearly 180 culinary trips abroad.

Our domain is saying "it is possible"! We have over 100 attractions for events. How do we make it so that the organization of events Krakow always runs smoothly? We rely on the goal set together with the client.

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Delicious cuisine

inspired by the idea of SLOW FOOD
Organization of events Krakow

Find a partner tailored to your needs!

Organization of events Krakow is our specialty. We have our own event center in the Giant Mountains. Our passion is cooking, as evidenced by the menu.
We know how important personalization is. We have over 100 scenarios prepared for companies from various industries

Organization of events Krakow

Comprehensive organization of events Krakow is our specialty. For years we have been looking at how the market is changing and we have been adapting our offer to the new reality. A diversified offer helps us maintain a high level of operation and attract new customers. We have been trusted by several hundred companies from all over Poland and beyond.

Integration events are our specialty

Polish companies organize on average 2 trips a year. 58 percent of them choose one-day trips, and 41 percent. - two-day. The data shows how important integration in the company is. Organization of outdoor events or comprehensive event organization is something that we have been dealing with for years. It is worth trusting professionals.

Bet on team building

As much as 62 percent. As part of an integration trip, companies decide to play team building games. Organization of events - Krakow is just one of the options - it offers many possibilities. Our offer includes proposals for the most demanding customers. As part of team building, we organize, among others canoeing trips, sports competitions and culinary tournaments.

Bet on team building

Organization of outdoor events

We build emotions not only during indoor events. As part of our activities, we also undertake external activities.

The organization of outdoor events helps us diversify our offer and reach the largest possible group of customers with it. We select attractions based on the age of customers, interests and expectations.

We are guided by goals

Organization of events Krakow is our specialty. We are based on goals. Companies most often want to integrate employees, shape appropriate attitudes in them and teach them to solve problems.

During appropriately selected games, we teach how to solve conflicts in a team and what to do to make it a harmonious whole.

Team building at the highest level

As much as 85 percent. the trips are aimed at team building. The others are motivational or some kind of reward. With these data in mind, we have prepared over 100 scenarios for companies.

What would the organization of Krakow events be without a properly selected scenario? We care about diversity, and we say "no" to boredom!

We rely on employees' emotions.
We have over 25 years of experience in organizing events and events aimed at employees of both small companies and large corporations.

Organisation of events Cracow

Our experience allows us to know what's hot right now. We change every day in order to reach both the Silver Generation and the Zetek with our offer. In everyday work, the organization of events in Krakow would not be possible without the appropriate tools. And we have such. We use all technological innovations to organize events at the highest level.

Organisation of events Cracow

Organization of events in a unique place, inaccessible to everyone

Events are the purest form of genuine brand engagement. Are you not interested in template solutions? You've come to the right place.

We are on site, constantly watching and checking every detail

See for yourself how much we can do for you.

Over 113 types of scenario events - balls, banquets, tournaments

All hands on deck - we know how to make even the biggest office malcontents join in the fun!

Organization of events Krakow

Are you looking for extreme experiences? You will definitely not be bored with us. A great advantage of our scenarios is the variety that our clients love.

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A non-standard range of communication and sales support services. Our consulting offer is always individualized.

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Organization of events Krakow

We organize tailor-made events.
Our strength is: passion, love for entertainment and listening to customers' needs!

We offer preliminary consultations before the organization of the event. Our specialists are also enthusiasts who know how to meet customer expectations.

Organisation of events Cracow

Organization of events Krakow, Gdańsk, Warsaw - events are our specialty. We deal with professional organization of events at the highest level. Trust an agency with experience.

We have been operating on the Polish market for over 25 years, providing clients with modern solutions in the field of event organization. The best proof of the effectiveness of our activities are hundreds of completed projects.

Organisation of events Cracow

Krakow adds meanings

The "Strategic Program for the Promotion of Krakow for 2016-2022" assumes that the city's promotional activities in this period will be based on the main promotional idea supported by emotions, created according to the concept of the so-called ESP, i.e. Emotional Selling Proposition.

KRK = Culture-Development-Creativity

Krakow focuses on territorial marketing. As part of these activities, it supports commercial brands - local companies and products as well as brands of non-commercial institutions, eg cultural institutions, associations and foundations, dealing with social development, etc. By giving them its authority, the city expects reciprocity - supplying place brands with the values of other local brands.

In the center

Krakow is a city where history meets the future. The capital of Małopolska intelligently uses modern technologies and innovative systems to communicate with residents and tourists. Thus, it implements the management of sustainable city development in the spirit of "smart city".

Among the techniques of marketing communication used, there are, among others geolocation, augmented reality or QR codes, for example to read hidden url addresses and direct the user to a website or mobile application.

How we work

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Our kitchen

Own Event Center

Check what we can help you with!

The tasks of event agencies include comprehensive organization of events - Krakow, Warsaw, Poznań - the place does not matter. How to start working with us? Contact us and tell us what your expectations are. On the basis of the initial interview, you will receive a proposal. Organizing events with an event agency will help you save time and money. It is also a great method to achieve your business goals.

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Organization of events Krakow - what is behind it? We deal with the comprehensive preparation and development of training and integration for employees from all over Poland. We have our own training and conference center with accommodation in the vicinity of Karpacz. All this means that we deal with the organization of events at the highest level on our own and comprehensively.

See the offer!

Enjoy slow food!

In our kitchen, we have a wide range of dishes to choose from. These are natural dishes, cooked by the best chefs. The wide offer allows us to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding customers. The menu also includes suggestions for vegans and vegetarians, and people with food intolerances.

Get to know us from the kitchen

Dwór Korona Karkonoszy

Which event agency can boast of its own event center? Situated in the heart of the majestic mountains, Dwór Korona Karkonoszy has witnessed many unforgettable events. Stylish rooms in a boutique style. Rose garden with a fountain. Fresh dishes prepared in a traditional way, without artificial additives and improvers. Life tastes different here!

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PR Academy

The PR Commplace Agency is a unique place with its own training center in the Korona Karkonoszy Manor. The PR Academy we have created is a space for the development of your brand. Take advantage of our trainings and workshops. Acquire new knowledge and practical skills. Stay ahead of the competition. Achieve success.

We are a consulting company with its own conference and event center

We have already organized 1100 events. We specialize in organizing tailor-made events. The most popular are team building events, culinary tournaments and the Goldberg Machine. We also offer accommodation in unique apartments, lounges and rooms. Companies have at their disposal an extensive menu of dishes and our brand of craft beer and coffee.

We have rooms with full equipment, allowing you to freely conduct training for smaller or larger groups.
We specialize in activities in the area of team building and scenario events. We invite.

B2B sales support workshops

We are aware that the most important aspect in any business is customer acquisition. Are you interested in B2B sales support? Take advantage of the PR Academy workshops conducted by our public relations experts.

Customer personalization. Generating online leads. Sales audit. These are just some of the topics that we discuss during the B2B sales support workshops. We are also going a step further. We present methods of finalizing the transaction. Ask us about the next available workshop date at the PR Academy.
Who are the workshops for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors of sales departments,
- traders,
- employees supporting the sales department.

Managing a company in crisis

Get ready for crisis management. Don't wait for a crisis to occur. Plan your activities with the PR COMMPLACE agency to stay in control of the situation. Sign up for a proprietary training program under the PR Academy conducted by our agency.

Contrary to appearances, the crisis does not break out only on Fridays after 4pm. It can happen any day. At any time. That is why it is so important to create an action plan. How? Our experts will answer this question during the crisis management training. Take advantage of the extensive experience of Commplace PR specialists. And in the event of an emergency - ask for immediate help.
Who is the program for?
- entrepreneurs,
- managers,
- managers / directors,
- PR department employees.

Organization of events Krakow

Organization of events Krakow requires a fair approach. Comprehensive organization of events Krakow it consists in planning, budgeting and service at the highest level. Where to start? Organization of events Krakow should take place in a structured and scheduled manner. How to approach the event? What to remember? Organization of events Krakow it will be easier when a company decides to use the services of professionals in the form of an event agency and a PR agency.

Organization of events Krakow is an important element of the company's image, as well as employer branding. In times when it is difficult to find a good employee, it is worth taking care of the appropriate perception of the company on the market. The role of internal communication and the organization of events for employees and their families are also important. Organization of events Krakow - how to approach her? At the beginning, it is necessary to consider what the nature of the event is to be, who will participate in it and what is the budget.

Comprehensive organization of events - why is it worth it?

Comprehensive organization of events plays a huge role in the process of implementing the assigned tasks. Ranging from the primary ones - to the secondary ones. Comprehensive organization of events it will be perfect wherever the help of professionals is required. Why is it worth organizing company events? It is not an obligation of employers and not every company decides to allocate funds for integration. Office party it's a great way to bring your team together.

Employer branding is an important element of company management. Both external and internal activities help to attract and retain employees. What is it characterized by company party on the highest level? The right approach to managing the event, attractions, great selection of the venue and meeting the goals set. During this type of event, it is worth observing the reactions of employees, and then conducting a survey: whether the event was satisfactory and whether it met expectations.

Organization of events Krakow - how can an event agency help?

Organization of events Krakow requires a comprehensive approach to the implementation of the task. Selected companies decide to create the event on their own - others use the help of a professional event agency. When organizing events, many elements need to be refined and correlated. Catering, music, travel, accommodation ... These are only selected of them. The scenario of the event is also important, as it will be tailored to the needs of the unit.

Organization of events Krakow by the event agency is based on a comprehensive approach to the task. At the beginning, goals are set, and then tools are selected with the help of which a given result can be achieved. Event agency will help you choose the right place for integration, and will also take care of the selection of dishes. This is just one of the few elements. Her tasks include the comprehensive organization of the event: from planning, through budgeting, to achieving the set goals.

Comprehensive organization of events and parties by the agency

Comprehensive organization of events and parties is the specialty of event agencies. Commplace's portfolio includes several hundred events that were tailored to the needs of customers. The event agency deals with the professional setting of events. These can be company events, jubilee events, workshops in selected fields, training or team building classes. In its portfolio, a good event agency has scenarios that are tailored to the profile of the company and the people who work in it.

Comprehensive organization of events and parties it is also having a wide range of attractions. Scenarios play an important role in the event planning process. Among the most popular are cooking workshops with famous personalities, a school of survival or solving puzzles together. Comprehensive organization of events and parties by the agency gives the company the certainty that the event will take place in accordance with the assumptions and expectations of the client. The event agency also has a number of tools that facilitate the organization of this type of event.

Organization of outdoor events

Organization of outdoor events is one of the basic tasks of an event agency. Its portfolio includes both summer and winter events. Organization of outdoor events it's great fun. The event agency carefully plans all attractions. What's popular? Commplace recommends trips to the mountains for its clients. These look beautiful at any time of the year. In summer, barbecues are organized. In winter, feasting by the fire is very popular.

Outdoor events include: festivities, family picnics, employee picnics, as well as smaller meetings in a small group. Dandelions for children, as well as sports entertainment, such as bicycles, quads or crosses, are very popular.

Organization of events Krakow - how to find a good event agency?

Organization of events Krakow it requires extreme meticulousness. Finding a good event agency is a challenge. How to choose the right one? Customer opinions and case studies of completed projects are important. First, check how long a given company has been operating on the market. Those with many years of experience will be a good partner for cooperation. Organization of events Krakow with an event agency will be much easier than arranging a meeting on your own. A good event agency has hundreds or even thousands of organized events in its portfolio.

What else distinguishes a good agency? It is primarily a rich offer that helps each company find exactly what they are looking for. Party scenarios are very popular. Why? Many companies value personalized events. What scenarios are popular? Enterprises willingly hire famous people to conduct culinary workshops. Another popular form of spending time at an integration event is a walk in the mountains or survival workshops. Bet on a proven event agency to organize your dream event.

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