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How does a crisis arise?

Sometimes a crisis starts where procedures end. Sometimes it appears suddenly. Other times, it grows over the years and can lead to the collapse of a company that seemed impossible to move. You can also turn the crisis to your advantage. To be effective, you need to implement the right actions at the right time.

And this as soon as possible.

There is no room for spontaneous and chaotic movements here. It is necessary to develop an action strategy, i.e. a plan to minimize losses and return to the pre-crisis situation. Because you have to remember - this is a temporary situation. You have to deal with it as soon as possible and move on to the Brand Offensive Strategy.

Brand defense strategy

Why is prevention better than cure?

In any tense situation, the facts count. Not emotions or intentions. Just facts. The crisis does not come out of nowhere. It is the sum of several factors. Just as conceding a goal is not a single player's fault. It's best to nip it in the bud. And not to let it spread by itself.

Your client is not satisfied with the service and communicates about it online? Ask him what would make up for his losses. Don't let his narrative spoil your relationships with new customers.

Is the crisis predictable?

At Commplace, we have experience in crisis management. And we are able to predict the storm when the first clouds begin to accumulate over the company. The question is - how well do you know yours? Believe that you are able to predict at least 5 potentially dangerous situations for her functioning.

It can be, for example:
- termination of cooperation with a client who generated 60% revenues,
- dismissal / accident of a key employee,
- sudden suspension of raw material supplies,
- a flood of negative comments in social media,
- customers who unfairly extort returns.
The implementation of any of the above scenarios means trouble. Will you do something about it before it actually shows up?

Is attack always the best defense?

It sometimes happens that a company in a crisis situation loses the appropriate distance to the problem over time. People in managerial positions or regular employees fall into the trap of emotional perception of the effects of the crisis.

This usually leads to the automatic activation of the defense mechanism. And there is no room for random actions here. Therefore, it is worth involving external specialists in the crisis management process.

What bad can happen to your company?

Posting negative news.
Creating negative or misleading content on small but influential websites.
Making false statements from "anonymous third parties".
Generating large amounts of negative social media posts.
Paid use of the services of unscrupulous "journalists".
Saturating search results with negative content to lower positive results.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

If it appears, it affects the image of your company.

What solutions do we offer? As public relations agency we implement a strategy of "pushing" bad reviews from high positions. This is a service with a proprietary customer panel for effectiveness analysis. What effect can you expect? Reduce the visibility of negative reviews even about 80%. And you, do you have any procedures for this? How well prepared are you?

Crisis and what next?

Something that worked in the past may not always bring the desired results in the future. What's more - there is no universal recipe that will work always and for every company. That is why we approach each crisis individually and develop an action plan. Tailored to the client's needs and to the current market realities.

- are you facing a crisis of trust among customers? We will help you recover them.
- employees keep leaving? We will define the cause and find a solution.
- it is difficult for you to rebuild the damaged image of the company? Sales keep falling? We will implement effective corrective actions.
- competition accuses your company of dishonesty? We will face it, and your company will come out of this skirmish with a shield, not a shield.

The course of the crisis is never linear. It takes the form of a sinusoid. To prevent your negative emotions from escalating, you need to monitor your surroundings on an ongoing basis. The question is - are you actually doing this?

Why is it worth being a fox and a lion in business at the same time?

We live in a world created by the opinions of other people. The internet made it possible for everyone to react immediately. At the same time, it ensured a sense of anonymity and impunity. He made comments, whether real or imaginary, spread at the speed of light. Giving companies little time to react properly.

A negative image creates prejudices against the company and its offer. Customers begin to look suspiciously at the company's day-to-day operations. Approaching further cooperation with reserve. Distance between potential customers results in a reduced number of transactions. And this significantly affects the company's financial results. So be as vigilant as a fox to meet the trap. Become a lion when it's time to scare the wolves away.

Does your company need a crisis management plan?

Acting without a plan is planning to fail. Working out specific patterns of conduct will allow you to avoid chaotic and spontaneous decisions. It will allow you to gain time. Besides, closing the crisis in an easily controllable framework helps to reduce the level of surprise. Why do you need more stress, fear and helplessness? Developing scenarios that take into account all sorts of contingencies helps you focus on what's important.

A crisis management plan allows you to accurately identify the source and causes of the problem. Indicates specific actions. Thanks to them, you will minimize the effects of the crisis in the company. And your business will quickly return to its initial situation. However, the will to fight and the will to solve the problem alone are not enough. You need determination and consistency. Nor is it just about eliminating the problems. Your company is supposed to develop thanks to them. At Commplace, we believe that the crisis can be a value. As long as the company learns to draw the right conclusions from it.

How can we help you?

How do we operate at Commplace?

Effective crisis management we implement before the first disturbing signals appear. Prepares the company for any situation. So that it has various scenarios and operating schemes in store. Most companies know that this is the right prevention. In theory. In practice, crisis management is usually implemented at the time of the outbreak of a fire.

How can we help you?
In crisis situations, quick decision-making is crucial. Acting according to plan is important It is equally important to flexibly and responsibly adapt to changing circumstances.

There is a problem?
Unfair activity of a competitor or an employee? Accidents, defective products, waivers? Hostile takeovers? Regardless of the type of problem, you will receive immediate RED ALERT24 support from us.

Minimizing losses, and often obtaining a positive effect for the company.

Do you need help with your business development?

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