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Satisfied customer and employee

The implementation of a CSR program also significantly contributes to attracting and retaining customers, which is critical to the company's long-term success. Moreover, many people are willing to pay a higher price for goods, knowing that some of the profits will be directed to social goals that are close to them. Businesses can also experience increased local consumer activity if they strengthen the local community. On the other hand, socially responsible companies tend to attract employees who want to change the world, in addition to simply taking a paycheck. Collaborative efforts by employees can produce significant results, boosting workplace morale and increasing productivity. Ask us how we can help you create a CSR book and implement the guidelines.

Should internal communication be in the background?

When was the last time you took a close look at internal communication in your company? Internal communication is a critical aspect of daily work. Most organizations carefully develop procedures for communicating with customers, stakeholders and new employees. When you apply the same level of diligence in your employee communication plan, you will notice a dramatic increase in commitment. Unfortunately, companies often adopt a make and forget approach in their internal communication plans. However, if you focus on implementing the guidelines - the benefits for your business will be invaluable. Ask us how we can support your team in implementing procedures.

Internal communication leads to success

What is an internal communication program and why is it so important? An effective plan will clearly state the business goals in communicating with employees and the actions required to achieve those goals. Basically, this is the plan that leads you to success. The benefits of good internal communication are many and varied. A strong employee engagement communication plan guarantees loyalty, motivation and productivity. On the other hand, poor internal communication can have an extremely negative impact on your business. It lowers morale, creates chaos, and reduces productivity and profits. Ultimately, it can seriously harm your bottom line. In fact, a study by Towers Watson revealed that companies that communicate ineffectively achieve up to 50% lower average turnover. You don't want to join this group, do you?

What is CSR?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a new concept, but has quickly become a key component of success. For many companies, the main reason to become socially responsible is quite simple; it is the right thing to do. Initially, this sentiment was a driving force behind the company's community and social commitment. However, in recent years, consumers and workers have put pressure on companies to engage with the community. The result is mutually beneficial - society wins, but also business. The biggest benefits are:
• Being a socially responsible company can strengthen the company's image and build its brand.
• Social responsibility enables employees to use the corporate resources at their disposal to do good.
• Formal CSR programs can improve employee morale and lead to increased productivity.

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