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Case study

A flat full of PROFITs, which is an open day for the development industry with the use of a Social Media campaign

Client Profit Development


  • PR
  • Event Marketing
  • Facebook
PROFIT Development SA is a Wrocław-based developer that has been operating on the real estate market since 2003. It builds apartments - not only on the Wrocław market - both for private purposes and as investments.


  1. Build a tailored and engaged audience on Facebook to invite you to an event
  2. Publication of press releases in local and general media in the context of the Open Day
  3. Organizing the event from A to Z - subcontractors, partners, media, presence at the event

Our actions


The event gathered dozens of potential customers who were interested in the developer's investment. As part of the event with the dedicated name "Mieszkanie full of PROFITs", Commplace organized a number of non-standard activities, including:

• Meeting with home staging expert Anna Kwapisz, who conducted a "quick course" in attractive interior design - useful for everyday life, home working, as well as for those interested in apartments for rent

• A special stand where Notus Finanse's financial advisor suggested financing options, provided advice and presented information on changes in the current credit system

• Meeting with an expert in the selection of Azzardi beds and mattresses, i.e. healthy sleep. Participants of the event gained information on the impact of the mattress on the correct posture, spine, everyday functioning in a sedentary mode

• Floristic workshop with an expert from the Zarosło company on office and home plants
In addition to the attractiveness of the event, information about the event appeared in the media and aroused engagement on Facebook.
  • Views on Facebook +200 000
  • Reach of messages in Social Media +50 000
  • Range of media information ~3 000 000

Products used


We use the media to talk about the client's brand and gain the attention of the audience.
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Event Marketing

We make the terms "legendary" and "cult" forever accompany our clients' corporate events.
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Organizing an event from A to Z is always a huge challenge, but once again we can proudly say that we have risen to the occasion! Our team worked hard to make it provide excellent service and meet our customer's expectations. We are glad that our efforts have brought satisfaction. This is an important confirmation for us our work has a positive impact on our clients' business. We would like to thank Profit Development for their trust and the opportunity to participate in an inspiring project.
Client's business assistant

Bartosz Zieliński

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