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Employees want to feel important

A very important element influencing the level of employee identification with the company is both emphasizing team activities and the impact of individual behaviors on the success of projects, as well as reassuring employees of their important role in the company. How can this be achieved? By undertaking activities such as organizing integration trips or training, during which there are conditions for taking initiatives in the field of company development. Remember that employees identify with the company when they are involved in the change processes. Meetings or trips are also great opportunities to discuss the directions of the company's activities, communicate new goals, create space to increase the sense of belonging to the company. However, this is the second step. The first is to perform an audit.

Forgotten area?

Managers or business owners spend a lot of time managing the pricing strategy or product development, but do not devote enough energy to areas such as identifying employees with the company. Many of them do not believe that companies can have "character". And it's the nature of your business that can make - or cost - real money. There are links between customer spending and employees' identification with the company. The greater the identification, the greater the revenue. The question is - do you voluntarily opt out of them?

Is there a relationship between emotions and identification?

Numerous studies by the Gallup Institute have proven several times that employees who are emotionally attached to the company do better and change jobs less frequently. This has now been confirmed in German studies with regard to stress. Researchers under the supervision of prof. Van Dick of Goethe University in Frankfurt found that the level of stress depends on how strongly employees can identify with their team or company. Therefore, a strong bond between the employee and the company influences not only his commitment to work with the organization, but can also translate into better results or increased motivation to work. Satisfied employees form a well-coordinated team, aim higher, create a positive image of the company. They are also creative, capable of coming up with and implementing unconventional ideas.

What values distinguish your brand?

Workplace values are the most important principles for the way you work. They help you make important decisions and determine what is "good" and what is "bad". The most popular values in the workplace are:
• Focus on details.
• High quality
• Honesty
• Keeping promises and punctuality
• Reliability
• Support of others
• Showing tolerance
• Respect for company policies and rules and respect for others
Your organization's values set the tone for your company's culture and define what your organization as a whole cares about. It is important that your people's values align with those. But are they really so?

Audit to identify employees with the company

Every manager should strive to build a strong bond between his employees and the company. Moreover - the stronger the bond, the more effective their work will be. Effective building of ties and a sense of belonging depends to a large extent on the style of company management, so it is the responsibility of the owners and managers of the company. An audit that identifies employees with the company will allow you to verify the areas that are functioning flawlessly, but also those that will require repair. Commplace experts not only carry out the entire audit, but also propose possibly corrective actions, supervising the implementation.

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