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Thanks marketing conversion content recycling is possible and, above all, profitable. Why?

Who wants to to overpay for content?

When asked "how much does content marketing and e-PR cost?" many answers can be found. One is repeated many times - it depends. From what? It's simple - the amount of work of specific experts. The mere word "content creation" is not precise enough. Let's assume that it is about creating a single text that will contain keywords and will be published on the Internet.

Working on this type of content is engaging copywriter, SEO expert and website positioning, PR person responsible for contact with the media and graphics. How much are their rates? This, of course, also depends on the experience, quality of work and the timing of the service. The amounts may vary from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys. This is quite an expense. And we are talking only about a single text.

Depending on the industry, companies create from a few to a dozen or so "packages" of content per month. Effect? Acquiring publications whose life cycle is closely related to the speed of the competition, from which the editors will receive new material. And the competition is not waiting. The client also does not intend.

Zero waste and marketing conversion

Gemius analyzes have shown that approx. 97% of Polish internet users use the Google search engine.

Almost 82% of them clicks on organic search results, and only 6-18% sites collect paid traffic. Over 90% view the results on the front page. And the 63% who asks a Google search will click on the first three links. This is important information for managers - good content marketing, without proper positioning, will get lost among thousands of other information.

How can this problem be solved?

By opting for conversion marketing, which combines content marketing with sales, ultimately strengthening conversions and using page positioning.

At the stage of planning and designing e-PR activities or creating a content marketing strategy, it is worth properly assessing the potential of the created content, photos, videos in correlation with the behavior of search engine users and verify their positioning in Google. You should also remember about optimization, and more specifically about SEO. Marketing conversion facilitates these tasks by supporting online marketing, and as a result - Google lists valuable content in the first search results that will lead a potential customer to your company. Marketing conversion allows you to increase the conversion by up to 30% - explains the expert from PR agency Commplace.

What does it mean? The possibility of obtaining a satisfactory level of conversion, without the need to generate a large amount of content on the same topic and fight for new publications. You should act wisely and use the existing materials.

Recycling of content

Recycling content is a good solution for most businesses. The zero waste idea in this context will not only make the most of the materials prepared so far, ensuring effective online marketing, but also save time and money. These are irrefutable arguments.

What can you do today?

- sort the existing materials provided by copywriters,
- create a base with graphic materials,
- order an SEO audit to verify which of the keywords were most frequently searched by users or most frequently searched in a given period.

We know what to do in the next steps to give your content a second or even third life. See for yourself.

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