Is external marketing profitable?


A growing company has to control an increasing number of elements and areas of management. Sometimes it is worth considering the option of delegating some of the duties to external companies, i.e. investing in the so-called outsourcing. Outsourcing can concern virtually any department of the enterprise. One of them is marketing. Is external marketing profitable?

What is external marketing?

Effectively running a business in today's market is a real challenge. Everyone will admit it PR agency. An entrepreneur who wants to easily achieve business goals and enjoy popularity must be up to date. He must constantly and reliably monitor the situation, analyze new trends and adapt his company to the changing environment. In order to maintain a stable position on the market and enjoy a competitive advantage, you need to have extensive knowledge in various areas of business management. Along with the development, there is a need to hire new specialists, which not only requires time and full commitment from the employer, but also considerable financial outlays. Sometimes a better solution is to delegate some of the tasks to experienced external entities.

External marketing is one of the important areas of such activities. Marketing outsourcing it is entrusting all or part of marketing tasks to an external company, i.e. a specialized company marketing agency. An agency contract is usually signed for a longer period of time. Then the service includes comprehensive support in marketing activities. It is also possible to carry out individual orders, e.g. to prepare a marketing campaign for a new brand product. 

Step by step external marketing

External marketing usually means entrusting an external company with all activities related to this area of business management. The task of the agency is therefore to prepare a well-thought-out, tailored strategy, based on thoroughly conducted research of the marketing environment and the company, as well as the implementation of this strategy. As part of the cooperation, the marketing agency monitors the progress of the activities carried out and introduces any corrections to the previously prepared strategy. 

In addition to strategic marketing management, the agency designs advertising campaigns for the entire brand or for specific products or services. Her duties in this area include:

  • selection of appropriate communication channels,
  • choosing the right message,
  • graphic design, i.e. creating all graphic elements of the project,
  • media planning and buying,
  • copywriting, i.e. creating valuable content for websites, for specific ads, social media, media and e-mails.

The agency's task is also to implement the prepared campaigns.

When is external marketing a good solution?

External marketing will work when the company:

  • is just emerging and does not know how to manage marketing to achieve the intended business goals,
  • does not employ experienced employees,
  • it does not have adequate resources that would allow it to acquire exclusive highly specialized employees,
  • I need a breath of freshness, a new, different approach to marketing issues,
  • wants to create an unconventional advertising campaign.

External marketing is a good solution for any company that wants to develop its marketing in a professional and multifaceted way, without the need to hire new experts on a permanent basis. Marketing outsourcing can be used by small companies that are just starting their business, enterprises that have been operating on the market for a long time, but want something new in marketing, as well as large corporations with considerable experience in their industry.

What can you gain?

The help of an experienced marketing agency is invaluable support in today's business. Specialists employed in such a company have comprehensive knowledge, appropriate skills and experience, which allows them to conduct effective business marketing activities and achieve the intended results. Using their creativity, they are able to implement the most unconventional projects and tasks. All activities are always based on detailed analyzes and market research, which significantly reduces the risk of failure and does not expose the entrepreneur to unnecessary losses.

The marketing agency will never offer you universal solutions. It will show you the best path for marketing development. He will create marketing exclusively for your company. The activities of the marketing agency translate into building a strong competitive advantage and growth sales efficiency and generating attractive profits.

In order to implement unconventional marketing campaigns and conduct effective activities, you need to have innovative tools and the latest technologies. Self-subscription of specialized programs is associated with a significant cost, which can be a heavy burden on the company's budget. By cooperating with the agency, you get access to all the most modern tools.

Marketing outsourcing it is definitely a cheaper option than employing several specialists who will comprehensively deal with this area of company management. The average salary of a marketing director is about PLN 20,000. PLN gross, and the digital manager - 11.5 thousand. In addition, there are the costs of hiring creative employees, including graphic designers and copywriters. Cooperation with a marketing agency is associated with much lower expenses.

External marketing is also:

  • no need to organize additional training for employees in the field of marketing,
  • a chance to "be up to date" in the world of marketing,
  • a form of refreshing the activity, giving it new value.

Is external marketing profitable? Without a doubt! Cooperation with an experienced external company is your chance for great success!

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